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Invitation to nominate „Young European of the Year 2017“


The socio-political system EUROPE has secured a life in peace, prosperity, and diversity for more than 65 years yet. It has outlived numerous crises and challenges, other difficult problems still need to be solved. As the crisis around the negotiations of Britain leaving the European Union illustrates: people who are actively committed to the values of Europe are strongly needed to maintain and develop a safe Europe in a globalized world, worth living in.

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Apply for the Margot-Friedländer-Prize 2017


Applications are open for the Margot-Friedländer-Prize 2017. In honour of Margot Friedländer, the Schwarzkopf-Foundation grants the Margot Friedländer Award, a money prize up to €5000.

The prize and the related competition have the aim to encourage young students, teachers and schools to engage themselves in the history of the holocaust and today´s culture of remembrance. The prize serves as a motivation to get active in the fight against anti-Semitism, racism, right-wing extremism.

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Schwarzkopf Europe Award 2016


Which civil society initiatives have particularly touched in 2016? The Young Europeans (the winners of the prize “Young European of the Year”) have decided this year to award the Schwarzkopf Europe Prize 2016 to the three organisations SOS Mediteranée Germany, Inter European Human Aid Association and Flüchtlinge Willkommen which are working with central problem areas of fugitives.

With this d...

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The nominations for the Schwarzkopf Europe Award are now open

Europa Preis

Nominate YOUR candidate for the “Schwarzkopf-Europe-Award” and win a 550€ travel scholarship!

Young people (the decision makers of tomorrow) get the chance to value the decision makers of today who shape the future of Europe according to their expectations.

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