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Internationaler Roundtable: Civil Society and Populism

What can civil society do to counter and, ideally prevent populism, that reject in its core pluralism? What are lessons learned from community organizing, civic education and participatory approaches? How wide spread is the support for society actors who monitor and counter hate and racism in Europe?

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Mix It – film project with newcomers and local youth starts in Thuringia

Together with the Deutsche Filmakademie and bilderbewegen e.V., the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe launches a media week with newcomers and local youth from Erfurt, Germany.

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International Day against Racism at the Margot Friedländer Award 2017

The Margot Friedländer Award 2017 was yesterday awarded to two schools from Berlin. The keynote speech was given by the mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller.

The first prize in the amount of 5.000 Euros was given to pupils of

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Why the generation born after the fall of the Berlin Wall needs to position itself

The non-partisan initiative „Pulse of Europe“ invites you to show your support and to set an example together with them. Each Sunday thousands of people go onto the streets to stand up for a Europe they want to live in. They  are presenting their democratic, united Europe, which is respecting the human dignity, the rule of law, supporting the freedom of thought and action.

Last Sunday our col...

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