Training the (peer) trainers in Porto, Münster and Dresden

Over the first weekend of March, a training event for the Foundation’s peer trainers took place in parallel in Porto (Portugal) and Münster as well as Dresden (Germany). The events focused on either introducing new trainers into the project or strengthening methodological skills and content-knowledge. The training in Porto was supported by Luis Menéndez of the Spanish team of Understanding Europe.

For the Portuguese team, according to Afonso Loureiro, project coordinator in Portugal, “Understanding Europe is of much importance for the Portuguese reality. We want to dismantle preconceptions about the EU. We want to successfully explain what is the EU and how it works. That way we will make youngsters engage more politically and make sure that their voices are heard. We are moved by the possibility of changing mentalities and working with youngsters to improve our EU and keep united in diversity.”

In Münster and Dresden, the...

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Pulse of Europe – Europe is moving

It is about time to stand up for Europe and to show our support for the European values and the ones we want to develop in the future. It is about time to show our presence in the public and  not let it be taken by populist movements. Stand up for an open, solidary and tolerant Europe!

The non-p...

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Award ceremony for the Margot Friedländer Prize

The Margot Friedländer prize will be given out for the third time, honoring two schools from Berlin.

The award ceremony will take place on 21.3.2017. The keynote speech will be given by the mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller.

Two prizes will be awarded in the presence of Margot Friedländer. The first prize in the amount of 5.000 Euros will be given to the students of the Carl-Bosch-Oberschule. Their project, „Moving Sculptures“,  that will take the form of a performance, deals with the euthanasia murders performed by the Nazi regime at the Eichborndamm  238 institution.

The second prize in the amount of 1.700 Euros will be given to students of the Gottfried-Keller-Gymnasium. The Project „Sog nit kejnmol“ will research the biographies of Jewish people who lived near the school...

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Historical Speech to Europe: Sigmar Gabriel speaks about Egon Bahrs „Tutzinger Rede“

On the 14th of March Sigmar Gabriel, the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, is speaking about Egon Bahrs ,,Tutzinger Speech” from 1963. The former SPD politician is known for the creation of the West-German political agenda towards the east. Together with Adelheid Bahr, we would like to invite you to follow Sigmar Gabriels further explanations.

The event will take place in German.

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