Poster on Means of Participation

A large poster displays several forms of political participation. It can be downloaded in German,  Dutch, English, French and Spanish. If you have any feedback on it or would like to use it in your classes, please contact us via europa-verstehen (at)

Information Clips

With the programme Understanding Europe we produced six short information clips to explain Europe clearly and briefly:

“Understanding Europe” from Schwarzkopf Foundation on Vimeo.

“Why does the EU exist?” from Schwarzkopf Foundation on Vimeo.

“Who is the EU?” from Schwarzkopf Foundation on Vimeo.

“What does the EU do?” from Schwarzkopf Foundation on Vimeo.

“You and the EU” from Schwarzkopf Foundation on Vimeo.

Understanding Europe – How can I participate in the EU? from Schwarzkopf Foundation on Vimeo.

Understanding Europe – How has the Common European Asylum System evolved? from Schwarzkopf Foundation on Vimeo.