FAQs EU Crash Course

What is the EU Crash Course?

The EU Crash Course is a series of four-hour lessons, aimed at engaging pupils in an open discussion about current European topics and at encouraging them to take part in European politics.

How does it work?

Teams of specially trained young seminar trainers come directly to the schools to deliver the courses. They do the course in an engaging and interactive way, discuss with pupils current European issues, and encourage a debate and opinion exchange.

In which countries can I find these courses?

The EU Crash Course is available in sixteen European countries in cooperation with the European Youth Parliament. You will find a map soon on our website indicating the active countries and contact details. Until then please contact Kerstin Eckart for more information.

How many students can participate in a course?

A maximum of 25 students can take part in a course.

Must students be from one class?

Pupils can also come from different courses/classes. The group of participants should be as homogeneous as possible (the same age group, the same level of knowledge, etc.). The course was designed for high school students but depending on the previous knowledge the course is also offered to university students in some countries.

What should I do as a teacher to conduct the class?

We would be happy to see you participating as a teacher in the EU-compact course. The technical requirements include two rooms, a projector and a laptop.