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EU Asylum Courses

This four-hour course examines why and how refugee protection has developed at the EU level and whichpositions and actors are shaping the debate on European refugee policy.

What causes people to flee their homes and who is recognized as a refugee? How does the EU deal with asylum seekers? Does the “area of freedom, security and justice” end at Europe’s external borders?

Each course begins with an initial ice-breaker, followed by an interactive thematic introduction and questions from the students. The introduction aims to create an open atmosphere that leaves room for different positions. Participants then work independently in various workshops according to their interests:

How has asylum policy developed in the EU?

In this small group participants explore, assess and reflect on the events, conflicting goals and future perspectives of European asylum policy.

What is the procedure for granting asylum in Germany?

Using real life stories as examples, participants get to know the stages of the asylum procedure in Germany and are sensitized for asylum seekers’ perspectives.

What proposals are there for a fair distribution of asylum seekers in the EU?

In a role-play, participants discuss the idea of a quota system for the EU member states and discover how tough the negotiation process can be.

How can I influence European politics?

In this workshop the participants formulate their own political concerns. They develop ideas for action and discuss the possibilities for implementing them as well as possible barriers to doing so.

We currently offer the EU Asylum Course in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony. Pairs of young peer trainers with special to schools and conduct the courses for students from the tenth grade onwards. The four-hours courses are designed for a maximum of 25 participants. The service is free of charge for schools and youth groups.


The courses are sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, as part of the federal program “Live democracy! Active against right-wing extremism, violence and xenophobia”.

In cooperation with our young trainers we are continually expanding the seminars on offer. Write and tell us which topics you would like to have a workshop on.

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