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In direct exchange with ambassadors, high-level politicians, journalists, Members of the European Parliament, European Commissioners, prime ministers, scientists and artists, we offer young people the chance to experience politics up-close in our Berlin-based discussion events and to take part in the political process.

Missed an event? Recordings of past events can be found in our media library on YouTube.

Online-Event/Livestream: MACHBAR! LET’S DO IT, EUROPE! Young ideas for how Europe can do better. [English]

„United in diversity“ is the official motto of the European Union. The underlying promise: a pluralistic Europe offering everyone equal opportunities, visibility, acceptance, and participation. But despite much that has been achieved, it has always been and still is more of a vision than a lived reality which is now increasingly under attack by populist and nationalist tendencies. As a matter of fact, not everyone has the same access or right to participation in Europe,...

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Here you will find our past events.

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