Hamburg: Youth participation in Europe

Hamburg: Youth participation in Europe
  • Date & Time
    20/11/2017, 17:30
  • Location
  • Guest(s)
    Günther Oettinger, EU-Kommissar,
    Armita Kazemi (Landesvorsitzende, Jusos),
    Benjamin Welling (Leiter der Arbeitsgruppe für Außenpolitik, Junge Union),
    Bijan Tavassoli (Landessprecher, Linksjugend/Solid),
    Carl Cevin-Key Coste (Landesvorsitzender, Julis),
    Linus Ruhnau (Politischer Geschäftsführer, Grüne Jugend Hamburg)
  • Moderator(s)
    Daniel Bröckerhoff, heute+
  • Cooperation
    TUI Stiftung

Which are the European demands that young people want to get active for? Which methods are available to them? Together with students from Hamburg, the heads of parties’ youth organisations and EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger, we are addressing such questions on Monday, 20 November.

The event adds to the EU Crash Courses that the Schwarzkopf Foundation in cooperation with the TUI Foundation hosts at schools in Hamburg. Young peer trainers conduct four-hour seminars on basic European political education and with a strong focus on the participants’ interests. The interactive courses also deal with questions on European integration as well as means of participation for young people.

What does Europe have to do with me? Does my generation have enough influence on the important issues? Such questions will be at the heart of the discussion.


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