European Youth Parliament

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is a unique European educational programme. It offers young people the opportunity to debate current European issues and experience an intercultural setting.

The EYP is present in 40 European countries and thus connects young people throughout Europe. At over 500 annual events, they experience intercultural debate and active European citizenship. They also learn key skills for their future, such as international teamwork, languages and social skills.

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30,000 participants throughout Europe

Annually, over 500 events bring together over 30,000 participants all over Europe.  Three times a year, the EYP holds an International Sessions, where 300 young people meet in different European cities to debate the important issues of the day. Their resolutions are passed on to key European decision makers.

The International Sessions of the EYP gain a lot of recognition. The proposals for Europe’s future passed by the young delegates are considered by many decision makers on the European and national level.

The Presidents of the European Commission and the European Parliament are members of our Comité d’Honneur, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe has granted his patronage to all our activities.

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By young people for young people

At the heart of EYP are its 40 National Committees in almost all European countries, which are carried by the voluntary work of over 3000 young people.

The Schwarzkopf Foundation assumed the role of the international umbrella organisation for this network in 2004, making the EYP our largest project.

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