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It is an important concern of the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe to present its aims, current focus of activity, and finances in a transparent way.

According to the voluntary obligation developed by the initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft we want to provide the following information for the public:

1.Name, Legal Domicile, Address

The non-partisan Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe was founded in 1971 by Pauline Schwarzkopf  in Hamburg, where the legal domicile is still located.

The office and its tax and legal basis are located in Berlin since 2000:

Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe
Sophienstr. 28 – 29
10178 Berlin
Telephone: 0049 – 30 – 280 95 146
Fax: 0049 – 30 – 280 95 150
Executive Director: Anne Rolvering

2. Our Aims

The main goal of the Schwarzkopf Foundation is the support of the development of young people to politically aware and responsible individuals with the objective of strengthening the European idea, the European understanding and the combat against right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.

Because of these aims we organize discussion events, seminars and debates. We visit embassies, exhibitions and reached out to students through our EU-Crash Courses. The adolescents experience politics and can participate directly in exchange with ambassadors, ministers, journalists, EU-parliamentarians, EU-commissioners, prime ministers, scientists, contemporary witnesses and artists.

In addition we award travel grants and the annual awards “Young European of the Year“, “Schwarzkopf Europe Award“, and the “Margot Friedlander Award“.

Since 2004 the European Youth Parliament is a project of the Schwarzkopf foundation, which supports the Europe-wide dialogue between youngsters. Think Tanks and International Sessions connect active young Europeans to further the intercultural exchange in Europe.

The long-standing successful cooperation with the Inge Deutschkron Foundation completes the thematic focus on combatting right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism and racism. Both Foundations have committed their work for years to enhancing the knowledge of pupils and students about the horrors of National Socialism through talks, readings, and film screenings, and combating the rise of extreme right-wing tendencies in Germany and Europe.

The Schwarzkopf Foundation was accepted as an educational institution by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung You can find the charter of the Foundation here.

3. Proof of non-profit status

The Schwarzkopf Foundation is an independent Foundation by civil law. The tax office of Berlin recognized the Schwarzkopf Foundation as a non-profit association. Here you can find the corresponding certificate.

4. Decision-makers

The name and function of important decision-makers are provided in this overview of the board members and the team.

5. Activity Report

We view our online presence as a continuously updated representation of our current projects. You can find our current annual report with a more detailed description of our activities here, as well as an overview of our programme lines here.

6. Personnel structure

The Schwarzkopf Foundation currently employs 15 full-time employees as well as three interns, one undergraduate assistant and one volunteer. The network of the EYP is supported by about 3.000 volunteers in 40 European countries.

7./8. Sources and Application of Funds

Our annual account 2015 gives an overview of the sources and application of our funds by means of the balance sheets and win and loss accounts for the period of 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2015. You can find the current annual account here: Schwarzkopfstiftung JA 2015

9. Association

Since 2004 the Schwarzkopf Foundation operates as the international patron of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) which is also its biggest project. In close cooperation with the national associations of the EYP, the Schwarzkopf Foundation supports young people and their personal development.

You can find an overview of partners for common projects here.

10. Funding

The Schwarzkopf Foundation sources most of its means through project money. Thereby the project funding of the European Youth Parliament and the EU crash courses by the Mercator Foundation, as well as the project funding of our BASES project, which is a sub-project of the EYP, by the Foreign Office, and our work which was supported by the German OSCE presidency, make up more than ten percent of our annual project money. The same applies for the funding of the ID-Festival by the BKM in 2016.

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