Kick for Europe: Exchange in the stadium

What does football have to do with Europe? Quite a lot! Between FC Liverpool and Beşiktaş Istanbul you’ll find the stadium of Eintracht Frankfurt. There, young footballers from Vienna and Frankfurt are meeting one week before the World Cup in Russia. They are getting to know each other and exchanging views on Europe.

On their travels to Frankfurt, two of the young people from Vienna were pulled out of the train at the Austrian-German border – so what is the current state of the freedom of movement in the EU? Which European borders should be checked – and how rigidly?

Why can you vote for the European Parliament at 16 in Austria, but only at 18 in Germany? What is the purpose of the European Central Bank, in front of which one of the participants usually meets friends to play football?

These – and many more – questions are being dealt with together, sometimes with unusual methods. For example, the Understanding Europe trainers Janne and Milad did an EU Crash Course with the participants. In it, they looked at the EU’s ordinary legislative procedure in terms of an attack on the football court: The coach is the European Council – it’s where the general strategy is decided. The Commission brings the ball into motion and then there’s a series of complex one-two’s between the Council of the EU and the European Parliament, trying to score.

There’s no shortage of discussion topics during this week, but there’s still time to kick. We are, after all, in a stadium. More precisely: In the “Lernort Stadion” (the stadium as a learning space), which is also the name of the week’s host. In cooperation with the German Foreign Office, the TUI Foundation, the Allianz Kulturstiftung and the Austrian Football Association, the Schwarzkopf Foundation is also one of the co-hosts.

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