Understanding Europe – Approaches to diversity-oriented peer education

With this publication, we share the experiential knowledge that we have gained in the last 10 years of the peer project Understanding Europe.

Checklist: Participatory Design of Educational Formats

Do you want young people to participate in the design of educational formats? Our checklist shows what has to be taken into account.

Histories of European (des-)integration

Why and when was the EU founded? Which problems does democracy face in Europe? These illustrations depict various stories of European (des-)integration.

Participation Poster

How can I influence European politics? What possibilities for participation are open to me? Do you want to get active?

Handout: Material for Application of Online-calendar "Projekt1938"

How was the life for Jewish people in Germany 1938? The handouts give you youth-compatible, pedagogical help for educational purposes.

Flight and Migration in Europe

You want to learn more about the history of labour migration? These illustrations show central developments in terms of flight and migration in Europe.

European Personalities

You want to know important figures in European history? These illustrations show their stories.

Institution Puzzle

Who has power in the EU? How do EU laws come about? How can I influence EU policies? The diagram shows the EU institutions and their tasks.

Europe in 4 corners

For the method "Europe in 4 corners" you will find sample questions and answer options here.

Racism-Critical Pedagogy for Teachers and Multipliers in the Education Sector

You want to include racism criticism in your educational work? Our publication gives examples and shows what needs to be considered.

The Future of Europe

In which Europe do you want to live? How will cooperation in Europe develop? Does the EU have a long-term future?

Security workshop

What is security and what does it mean to me?
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