Online exchange on participation

Asa the German federal elections are coming up, youth are examining various means of participation – because elections are important, but democracy is more than casting your vote every few years.

In an online campaign launched by the Schwarzkopf Foundation, four young people who are involved in diverse ways are portrayed in short videos: How do they do what they do? Which problems do they encounter? Would they do everything the same way again?

Other youth who might consider getting involved themselves can react to the videos and join an online discussion with questions, ideas and comments via the hashtag #EUreact. The four featured persons will then get back to them with further videos, in order to give a concrete idea of participation.

The first video introduces Katja – together with others, she launched the campaign “The European Moment” and organises demonstrations with thousands of participants. Why? See for yourself:

Go directly to the video and start commenting!