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Online Empowerment Workshop for BPoC Youth in Europe

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 15. & 16.12.20 (7-9 pm, CET) with Prof. Philomena Essed and Tran Thi Thu Trang In light of countless cases of police violence as well as extremist right-wing attacks, racism, in its everyday, systemic, and institutional forms, was given particular public attention in 2020. Whereas the Black Lives Matter protests in the US by far received the greatest attention, also activists in Europe went to the streets and voiced  their experiences...

Digital Lecture: Contemporary racisms in Europe with Prof. David Theo Goldberg

European societies are characterized by plurality, but equally so by contemporary forms of racism that have long lasting links to a seemingly far away past. Racisms are as fluid as the contexts in which they come about, but still appear to follow certain recognizable logics and fulfil particular functions. What characterizes contemporary racisms in European societies today? In addition to observing the effects these racisms still have for people affected by racial discrimination in Europe...

Online Workshop: How to podcast? with Vanessa Vu of the podcast Rice and Shine

On Friday, 13.11.20 (3-5 pm, CET) with Vanessa Vu of the podcast 'Rice and Shine' In this workshop, Vanessa Vu will speak about her experiences and learnings from creating and developing an independent podcast, how to build outreach, find good stories and share general tips & tricks about how to start your own podcast. This is a workshop directed at young media makers (17-26 years old), engaging in anti-racist educational or activist work online, as...

Instagram-Livetalk: Critical Whiteness and cultural appropriation with “No White Saviors”

Recent global developments have shed light on racial inequalities on a structural and broader level, questioning structural racism and (white) privileges. In this livetalk, we talked about why critical whiteness is more important than ever, in which sense cultural appropration is dangerous and what can we learn from anti-racist, educational work on social media. No White Saviors (NWS) is an advocacy campaign led by a majority female, majority African team of professionals based in Kampala, Uganda. The campaign was...

Online Workshop: „How to do anti-racist educational work on social media?“ with No White Saviors

On Monday, 26.10.20 (3-4 pm, CET) with the team of the Instagram channel and campaign 'No White Saviors'   In the online workshop 'How to do anti-racist educational work on social media?' the team members of the No White Saviors Instagram channel shared their experiences of online educational work on Instagram. On their wide-reaching channel they mainly foster debates on white saviorism and are equally word-leading in debates on critical whiteness and anti-black racism. This...

Digital Lecture: Decolonizing Europe with Prof. Fatima El-Tayeb

Even though racism is inseparable from European history and the continents' colonial past, the idea of Europe as a "colorblind continent" has been central to the continents' narrative. In her book ‘European Others: Queering Ethnicity in Postnational Europe.’ (2011), our speaker Fatima El-Tayeb, Professor for Literature and Ethnic Studies at the University of California, San Diego, examines how racialized communities in Europe produce new forms of identity and activism as tension between a growing non-white,...

Die EU nach der Wahl: Wohin steuert Europa? Mit Dr. Linn Selle

25-09-2019, 18:00, Konferenzraum der Schwarzkopf-Stiftung

Die EU nach der Wahl: Wohin steuert Europa?  Mit Dr. Linn Selle

This event will take place in german.

Im eigenen Land zu Fremden gemacht. Eine Diskussion über Rassismus und Ausgrenzung. Mit Esther Bejarano und und Sawsan Chebli

This event will take place in german.

European Summer Party 2019

15-06-2019, 17:00, Paulinenhof Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa

European Summer Party 2019

We will celebrate our annual Summer Party at the courtyard of the Schwarzkopf Foundation with guests from all over Europe. Save the date and join us! 17:00 DJ Kriz Mental 18:00 Welcome Anne Rolvering, CEO 10 Years Understanding Europe with former and current trainers: Katja Sinko, Malte Steuber, Onur Mercan Announcement: Shortlist Schwarzkopf Europe Award 2020 Jury of Young Europeans Keynote Speech Yasmine Ouirhrane, Young European of the Year 2019 18:30 DJ Kriz Mental 19:30...

Award ceremony of the Schwarzkopf Europe Award to the New Europeans and panel discussion

03-06-2019, 18:00, Vertretung der Europäischen Kommission in Deutschland

Award ceremony of the Schwarzkopf Europe Award to the New Europeans and panel discussion

We cordially invite you to join us in paying tribute to an organisation that has been honoured for its extraordinary European commitment. Award ceremony of the Schwarzkopf Europe Award to the New Europeans with a laudation by Martin Schulz MdB followed by a panel discussion This year, the Schwarzkopf Foundation honours the civil rights initiative New Europeans, which is campaigning for an #EUGreenCard to ring fence the rights and status of EU citizens currently resident...

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