Offers for trainers


Basic Qualification


The Basic Qualification for peer trainers is designed as a one-year programme. This basic twelve-month programme comprises Introductory Training, Job Shadowing Visits, at least three Regional Meetings and Intensive Training.

Introductory Training

This three-day training seminar prepares peer trainers for conducting their first courses. It consists of a teambuilding component and technical and methodological units on European Democratic Citizenship Education.

Job Shadowing

To begin their training, peer trainers carry out participatory course observations. All trainers conduct their first course in tandem with more experienced trainers.

Regional Meetings

Trainers regularly meet with their regional groups. There they engage in an open exchange of teaching experiences and share advice.

Intensive Training

In this two-day training seminar the teams expand their methodology and expertise. One of the focus points is the development and testing of action strategies, for instance those for dealing with discrimination.

Intensive Phase

Following the one-year Basic Qualification, peer trainers undergo a twelve-month Intensive Phase. The training includes two further Intensive Training sessions, for two or three days, and the participation in three half-day regional group meetings. In addition, trainers with a lot of course experience have the opportunity to receive further training in order to conduct Basic Qualifications for other trainers. A four-day International Train-the-Trainer Seminar brings together young trainers from all 15 European countries. Afterwards, trainers work in pairs holding Introductory Training sessions for new trainers.


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