The Future of Postmigrant Europe

Educational group travel to explore European migration societies
22.08. – 01.09.2021



The corona pandemic creates distance in Europe. At the same time, existing inequalities are becoming more apparent as a result of the pandemic. Fundamental values such as respect and openness are increasingly being attacked by anti-democratic and authoritarian groups: In media and political debates, migration is repeatedly rejected, and discrimination consolidated. While in fact, we have been living in migration societies for a long time.

While some endanger social cohesion with their criticism of migration, others form ever stronger alliances against that and share an inclusive understanding of living together.

The question of how we want to live in the future lies primarily in the hands of a young generation for whom pluralistic perspectives have always been a lived reality. In order to find answers to the questions of the future, we want to go on a Europe trip with you! In which Europe do you want to live? How can young voices be heard? And what do we mean when we speak of a migration society?

The project “Postmigrant Europe” of the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe understands itself as a (digital) exchange platform and meeting place on the lived realities in European migration societies.

On our educational trip we would like to enable ten young people based in Europe (five in Germany and five based in other European countries) to meet organizations, initiatives and associations. We want to make the lively migration societies visible and enable young people to pass on their knowledge and share experiences with others.

Through encounters, discussions and topic-oriented excursions on a route from Berlin via Amsterdam, Antwerp to Brussels, you will get a well-founded overview of the manifestations of ideologies of inequality from a European perspective, and you will enter into direct exchange with actors, organizations and associations. In this way you will become part of a (first of its kind) European exchange under the theme of the Future of (postmigrant) Europe.

The application period has already ended. By mid-May, it will be decided who will take part in the trip and whether the group will travel through Europe digitally or analog.

Costs for accommodation, main meals
and travel expenses will be covered.
This trip and project is funded by the
German Federal Agency for Civic Education

In accordance with the current
developments of the Covid-19 pandemic,
the trip might take place in a hybrid or
digital format.
on-site travel dates: 22.08.-01.09.2021
hybrid/digital travel dates: 23.08.-03.09.21

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