#RomeManifesto – a voice for the future?

To criticise Europe is easy, but to find solutions to its current problems – difficult. An international group of young Europeans however has made an attempt at just that.

The result is a great project for the renewal of Europe called the Rome Manifesto. The project is supported by European universities, organisations and foundations, among them also the Schwarzkopf Foundation. 60 years after the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the Manifesto sets out ambitious and concrete proposals for relaunching European integration. The authors, a group of highly committed young Europeans, explain why they believe in Europe, describe their European identity and outlines which institutions and competences Europe needs to be both democratic and effective.

For Europe Day on May 9, the Schwarzkopf Foundation warmly invites you to take a closer look at the Rome Manifesto and to take part in the discussion on Europe’s future!

More information as well as the full manifesto can be found here: www.romemanifesto.eu