Annual Report 2016 – Review of the last year

2016 was a difficult year for Europe. First and foremost, we saw a majority of British voters voice their wish to leave the European Union. In Poland, a new media law prompted Martin Schulz to warn against a “dangerous putinisation of European politics”. The success of German and European populists in playing to deep resentments and widespread desires for more national autonomy showed us more clearly than ever that many people do not feel included in Europe. Nothing less is at stake than our common European values: solidarity, tolerance, democracy and the rule of law.

It was also a year full of projects and new adventures for us. Through the activities of the Schwarzkopf Foundation and the European Youth Parliament – seminars, youth parliaments, informal talks and discussion events – we have reached 55,000 young people and held events in 40 countries. An increasing emphasis is placed on ensuring that we reach young people from diverse backgrounds. In light of their unwavering enthusiasm for Europe, standing up for a strong and enduring Europe is more valuable now than ever before. We are thrilled about continuing and improving our efforts 2017 and offer our warmest thanks to all the supporters and partners who have made our work possible.