Schwarzkopf Europe Award

The “Schwarzkopf Europe Award” is awarded to institutions or public figures who have distinguished themselves in an outstanding way by a committed and dedicated service to either European understanding or the growing together of Europe. The awardee is selected by the award winners of the “Young European of the Year”, an award which is also granted by the Schwarzkopf Foundation, out of pool of nominations handed in by young people across Europe.

Until the 15th of August, 2017 persons under the age of 35 can nominate public figures or institutions eligible for the “Schwarzkopf Europe Award 2018”! You can submit your nomination here.

The award winners

  • 2018 - Margrethe Vestager has been European Commissioner for Competition since 2014. The jury honored her inspiring interpretation of her role as commissioner and the courage she has shown in the past years fighting for fair competition. As a Commissioner, she pushed for compliance with EU laws, but also worked tirelessly to bring EU institutions closer to their constituents.

Prior to 2008:

2007 – Aliaksandr Lahvinets (university lecturer, Belarus)
2006 – Dieter Kosslick (Director Berlin International Film Festival)
2004 – Navid Kermani (author and Islamic academic)
2003 – Carla del Ponte (Chief Prosecutor of the Yugoslavian Tribunal)