EU Crash Courses

The aim of the EU Crash Course is to provide a basic understanding of European politics and strengthen the political participation of young people in Europe. We offer a space for young people to ask their questions on European issues in an open and unbiased way. They learn to understand diverse perspectives on European challenges and European politics and how to form an opinion on their own.


The EU Crash Course

In four-hour EU Crash Courses, conducted by young peer seminar trainers, it aims at engaging pupils in an open discussion about current European topics and provides a basic understanding of the European Union. Questions from the young participants are situated at the core of every course: “Why was the EU founded?”, “Who makes EU laws?”, “How can I have a say in Europe?”.

The young participants work independently on what motives and conflicts shaped the European Integration process. They get to know the main institutions and competences of the EU and discuss the balance of power within the EU. Based on their interests they assess their possibilities of political participation in Europe and develop ideas on how to make their concern heard.

The project is built upon a peer-to-peer approach and voluntary youth participation. Young seminar trainers are trained to conduct the EU Crash Course directly in schools. They collaborate with pupils of similar age based on a spirit of partnership and mutual understanding. The peer-to-peer-relationship provides the floor to express fears and criticism openly. The peer trainers support the independent work of the young participants in small groups and they can tend to different needs in the classroom through an interactive mix of methods in the course material.

8 500 young people in Europe

The EU Crash Course is part of the European-wide project Understanding Europe. In 2017 our peer seminar trainers reached more than 8 500 young people with 430 EU Crash Courses in 14 countries. Thanks to the European Youth Parliament a young and successful project about Europe initiated by the Schwarzkopf Foundation was spread by young people to young people on a European level.

The project is currently active in or being established in 15 countries including Germany:


For general questions on the EU Crash Courses offered by the Schwarzkopf Foundation and the European Youth Parliament as well as information on the active countries please contact Kerstin Eckart, or +49 (0) 30 97 00 50 95.

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