Peer-Education Approach

The Schwarzkopf Foundation’s seminar programme follows a peer education approach. This means that it is young trainers who conduct educational formats for and with young people of about the same age. We would like to encourage young people to discuss their Europe-related experiences and questions openly within their peer group.

  • Engagierte Peer-Trainer*innen in 12 Ländern

    Peer seminar trainers in 14 European countries

    Europe at Eye Level

Our trainers follow a nonpartisan approach. They are committed to an open, democratic society, solidarity, mutual understanding and peaceful cooperation in Europe. Our capacity building programme supports our trainers to reflect and deliver this attitude. International capacity building events with trainers from 14 European countries promote the transnational exchange of ideas, perspectives and methods for Europe-related peer education.

  • Engagierte Peer-Trainer*innen in 12 Ländern

    Training Programme

    Acting self-confident for diversity and democracy!