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Due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, activities and courses are taking place digitally until further notice.

Area of competences

Read on how we work with young people and what our approach to our work is.

EU Crash Courses

This four-hour course covers current basic questions around European politics. You determine what to focus on according to your interests. The methodology is based on interaction and exchange.

EU Asylum Courses

We focus on EU asylum and refugee policy. Why do people flee from their homeland? Who is recognised as a refugee? How is the EU dealing with asylum seekers?

“Good News”

Our new course is dedicated to the topic “Media and Democracy”. For that, peer trainers come directly to schools together with journalists from SPIEGEL.

Personal Responsibility

We empower young people to develop and execute their own projects.

European Civic Education in School

We facilitate an understanding of the values, attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary for participating in a democratic Europe.

Peer Approach

We train young peer trainers to conduct seminars. Based on their own experiences, they provide concrete details connected to young participants’ lives.


We see ourselves as learning partners and counsellors. Our educational programme connects young people with civil society actors from different countries.

Peer Trainer Qualification Programme

Young peer trainers develop and moderate our educational formats. Learn how to become a trainer yourself and how our training program supports you in doing so.

Materials and Methods Collection

Find our materials and methods for educating young people about Europe in up to eight languages.

Contact in Your Country

Our courses and seminars take place in 15 European countries. Find your local contact.


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