Travel grants – FAQs

Questions related to the application and the selection process

Can I apply for several travel grants, for example the regular travel grant and the Interrail Global Pass?

As we receive a very large number of applications, we ask you to choose only one grant to apply for. We don’t accept applications from the same person for several scholarships.

I am turning 18 only after the deadline of the application period has passed. Can I still apply?

Yes, but you should plan your travel for a time after your 18th birthday. Note that with 17 you can already apply only for the Interrail Global Pass, as the regular travel grants are issued starting from 18 years onwards.

When will you notify applicants about the selection results?

We will notify selected grantees within 2 weeks after the deadline closes. We will notify all applicants of the selection results via e-mail.

I submitted the online application, but did not receive a confirmation e-mail. Is this normal?

Yes. If you saw the “thank you” note after submitting your application, we have received it and you won’t get a separate e-mail about it any more.

Questions about the trip

Does the Schwarzkopf Foundation provide travel or health insurance for its travel grantees?

We cannot provide any insurances, and ask travellers to take care of valid insurance for the time of their trip.

It says in the conditions that I should travel alone, however I’m planning to go on a trip with my friend. Can we apply together?

We unfortunately don’t issue travel grants for people traveling together. The travel grants are given out on an individual basis, as they are also too small to cover the travel costs of several people for the required minimum travel time of three weeks. In addition, we only issue one grant per travel route and project idea.
If your friend join you on some part of the journey we generally think it’s OK, but would encourage you to think about actually doing it alone since it’s always a quite different experience.

Do you give any guidelines on how many places or cities I should visit with one of your travel grants?

We don’t give guidelines on this, but in the past the awarded grants went to project ideas that looked at the research question from different regional/national angles and thus also involved traveling through at least one country/region.

Can I change my travel route while I’m on the trip?

No, you can still change your route for good reasons before receiving the travel grant or Interrail Global Pass, but the grants are given out with the condition to not change the route any more which is why you need to stick to your agreed travel plan after having received the grant.

Can I split my travels into different periods, e.g. travel one week in early summer and two weeks later?

We would strongly encourage you not to do this, also due to the rather limited amount offered in the travel grant. Also, the exprience is quite different compared to traveling at least three consecutive weeks. The Interrail Global Pass can be used for a one-time trip only.

Questions related to funding

Can I combine the Schwarzkopf Foundation travel grant with other grants or funding?

Of course, and we strongly encourage it! You can freely apply to other funding to support your trip, as long as you are still able to meet the conditions of our grant scheme and deliver the travel report at the end of your trip.

I need to save some receipts from my trip. What does this mean exactly?

We don’t ask you to hand in a full bookeeping from your trip, but rather make copies/scans of some bigger bills (like a travel ticket or accommodation bill). We would need 3-4 bills as proof of travel, which are handed in together with the travel report after your trip.

Questions about the regular travel grants

I am not a resident in a EU country. How do I know if I am eligible to apply to this grant?

Each call for travel grants will state clearly in the attached terms and conditions which countries are eligible for each grant. The regular case it that permanent residents of all 47 Council of Europe member states are eligible to apply. For a full list of these states please consult this website.

If I get the regular travel grant, can I use the 550 euros for any expenses of my choice?

Yes. You can spend it on transport, accommodation, meals, or other expenses related to your research trip.

Can I also use the grant to purchase an Interrail Global Pass?

Of course! It’s up to you how you use the sum of 550 euros.

If I don’t spend the whole sum of 550 euros, do I need to pay money back to the Schwarzkopf Foundation?

No. However, we suppose that with a trip lasting at least three weeks, you spend at least this amount while on the road.

When will I receive the award sum?

The first part (400 euros) is paid to you after you have been contacted by the Schwarzkopf Foundation to confirm your travel plan and report idea, so before you set out on your trip. The second part (150 euros) is paid upon receiving your travel report.

What documents or proof of travel should I submit to the Schwarzkopf Foundation after my travels, besides the travel report?

We ask for 3-4 bills from you to show that you indeed visited the places you describe in your travel plan, but no exhaustive bookeeping of all your travel expenses. We trust that also the travel report serves as enough proof of your trip.

Questions about the Interrail Global Pass

Which countries are eligible both for applying to this grant and for travel destinations with the Interrail Global Pass?

All together 30 European countries are eligible for the Interrail Global Pass. For a full list of countries, please consult this website.

Does the Interrail Global Pass cover only transport or also other costs of the trip?

The Interrail Global Pass covers only 15 days of traveling by train. It does not include accommodation, food or any other costs. Those 15 days need to strech over a period of 3-4 weeks, with a minimum of 3 weeks on the road. The Pass is valied for one month.

Questions about the travel grants to Greece

In the terms and conditions for the travel grants to Greece it says that only German nationals can apply. Do you also make exceptions?

Unfortunately not. Only German nationals or young people who have permanent residence in Germany can apply for this grant type.