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The Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe believes that European diversity can best be understood by experiencing it. Our travel grants seek to enable young Europeans to explore and discover their continent, while tackling current political or social questions. By travelling, grantees becomes ambassadors for a united Europe.

Please note
Due to the Corona (COVID-19) virus and limited travel opportunities, the application and travel period for our travel grants will be postponed  for the time being. The application phase for travel grants is expected to begin this fall.  News on application and travel times will be updated here and on our social media channels.

Call for Applications: Travel grants to explore Europe for young adults between 18 and 27 years of age

You want to get know Europe better and broaden your perspective?
You did not have many possibilities to travel Europe and see other places yet?
You are interested political and societal questions and want to report on it?
You are between 18 and 27 years of age and live in one of the EU member states, Turkey or Russia?

Then apply for a travel grant by the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe!

Why travel grants?

Europe means diversity and traveling is the best possibility to experience it. Many young Europeans, however, do not have the means or resources to get to know Europe. By awarding travel grants, the Schwarzkopf Foundation seeks to increase the number of young travellers in Europe, which in turn fosters the European togetherness.

Who can apply?

We explicitly want to award young Europeans, who have not been able to travel much.  Applications by young people with a migration or refugee history, those living in rural areas, those attending vocational school, and those with a non-university track are explicitly encouraged to apply. Most of our travel grants also require to be between the ages of 18 and 27 and to live in one of the EU-member states, Russia or Turkey, depending on the program partner you are applying for.

Who should not apply?

We want to enable more Europeans to travel. Thus, if you have already traveled much privately or if you have been part of exchange programs such as ERASMUS+, our travel grants are not for you. You should also not apply, if you are looking for a way to cover international travelling costs for attending a third-party event, such as a conference, a summer school, or other personal plans.

What is expected of me?

Our travel grants enable young Europeans to experience Europe. This should always take place by addressing a specific topic or question. The bigger topic is provided by our project partners (more on that below), the specific research focus, however, is up to you. All travellers should conduct their independent research (interviews, surveys, etc.) and document their findings. The documentation can take the form of a written report, but can also be a series of photographs, a series of meaningful Instagram posts, a vlog, or a diary, depending on the requirements of the program partner. You are responsible for planning your trip, finding accommodation, and selecting your travel destinations. Costs for accommodation are not covered by the grant. All travels should be completed individually, e.g. not with friends or as part of a bigger group.

When should the trip take place and how long should it last?

The exact travel period is still to be determined. All sponsored trips presumably take place between 01.01.2021 (earliest travel start) to 30.12.2021 (latest travel end). The Interrail Global-Passes have different conditions (see FAQs). Trips should be between three and up to eight weeks long. If you are enrolled in a vocational training, a trip of two weeks is also acceptable. In any case, the travel period must be communicated with the Schwarzkopf Foundation.

What travel grants can I apply for?

We offer four different travel grants, all of which promote youth mobility. However, there are some differences regarding the thematic focus as well as some additional requirements and applicants’ profiles, so do check the specific requirements of each travel grant.  You can only apply for one travel grant.

1) Travel grants to Greece (funded by Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung) (German)

In cooperation with the Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung, the Schwarzkopf Foundation awards travel grants worth 600€ to visit and explore Greece. Travellers must have permanent residency in Germany and should address this question: “Role models for Greece in Europe”

2) “Sustainable Travel” – travelling with the Interrail-Global Pass (funded by Deutsche Bahn)

In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, the Schwarzkopf Foundation awards Interrail-Global Passes, enabling you to travel up to 33 countries in Europe for up to two months. This travel grant focuses on the topic “Sustainable Travel”. Travellers do independent research on this topic by applying their own focus and document their findings on video. Applicants can choose between a 2-month, 15 day-travelling pass or a 1-month, 7 day travelling pass.

  • More information on the Interrail-Global Pass travel grants on the FAQs

3) Travel grants for young people without a university track (funded by Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung) (German)

In cooperation with Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung, the Schwarzkopf Foundation awards travel grants worth 600€ to those young people, who do not hold an Abitur or an equivalent high-school degree allowing university track. Of course, everybody may apply for any travel grant, however, this one explicitly sponsors non-university-track youngsters. Travelers must have permanent residency in Germany.

How can I apply?

You can apply by filling out the form on our website below. Before starting the form, decide which travel grant you want to apply for (you can only file one application). Read the terms and conditions of that travel grant carefully. Think about your research focus with the bigger topic of the travel grant in mind. Also, prepare ideas regarding the documentation of your research – will you use photos, videos, regular blog posts, or a written report to summarize and analyze your findings?

The Schwarzkopf Foundation supports selected travelers to further develop their ideas and research project. However, you should really give this part of the application some thought, as it is most relevant in the selection process.

When can I apply?

Due to the currently limited travel opportunities, the application and travel period for our travel grants will be postponed to 2021 (depending on the ongoing situation). News on application and travel times can be found here and on our social media channels.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Anil Altintas via travelgrants(at) 

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