The Young Jury

The Young Jury is a panel of up to 12 participants constisting of young alumni of the award and committed young people between the ages of 16 and 24. Since 2018, the Margot Friedländer Award has been advised by a Young Jury, which has recommended Margot Friedländer and the members of the jury she appoints for the most prize-worthy and particularly suitable projects for young people.

Janika Raisch, Berlin, Projekt Zweitzeugen: “Now, two days after it is over, I wanted to thank you once again for the great opportunity to be part of the Young Jury for the Margot Friedländer Award. Like the others, I personally had the feeling that I had learned a lot and taken a lot with me. The workshops, trainings and panel discussions were really super varied and inspiring and especially the supervision/monitoring/instruction was so great that one always felt comfortable, appreciated and noticed.”

Simeon-Joel Brunner, Kornwesterheim: “I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving young people the opportunity to gain an insight into the work of the jury and also to deal with the topics of anti-Semitism, racism and exclusion. As a team of 12 people, we were able to work optimally together but also in small groups. The evaluation of the projects has been quite successful, which has led to discussions which have only promoted the result. I hope that in the coming years you will again be able to set up such a project for young adults”.

The Young Jury of 2018/19

The training seminar in Berlin took place from 22 to 25 November 2018 in Berlin with a panel discussion on anti-Semitism in the present with representatives of the Leo Baeck Institute, memorial and educational institution House of the Wannsee conference and Gegen Vergessen e.V., and a visit to the Fraenkelufer synagogue. In addition to a study day on the topic of continuity lines of anti-Semitism at the House of the Wannsee Conference, the young people were introduced to the work of the jury. In several rounds they decided on a dozen projects for which they made their recommendations.

The members of the Young Jury were:

  • Tuğrulhan Turan, NRW,
  • Hagen Salmen, NRW,
  • Mona Griesberg, NRW,
  • Janika Raisch, Berlin,
  • Linda Reckmann, NRW,
  • Simeon-Joel Brunner, Baden Württemberg,
  • Samuel Kantorovych, Baden Württemberg,
  • Julia Kioltyka, NRW,
  • Milad Tabesch Niedersachsen,
  • Angelina Ludowika Marcus, Niedersachsen,
  • Bosse Ulfert Spoh, Niedersachsen,
  • Noah Hüllwegen, NRW.
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