Fostering Dialogue | Digital Talk with Deeyah Khan & Yasmine Ouirhrane


Fostering Dialogue | Digital Talk with Deeyah Khan & Yasmine Ouirhrane
  • Datum & Zeit
    01.12.2020, 18:00
  • Zu Gast
    Deeyah Khan, Filmmaker & Schwarzkopf Europe Awardee 2020

“Only through creating more inclusive dialogue across, and within, cultures and communities can we hope to foster understanding. Only through fearlessly confronting complex, controversial topics can we hope to challenge prejudice.” says the Norwegian filmmaker and Schwarzkopf Europe Awardee 2020 Deeyah Khan. She has been awarded the Schwarzkopf-Europe Award 2020 for her commitment to making the experiences of minorities in Europe more visible and for her work towards greater understanding in a pluralistic Europe.

In her movies she continuously highlights challenges such as discrimination against women and specifically racial discrimination. With great compassion she portrays victims of violence but also courageous activists who speak up on these issues. But she also does not shy away from meeting face to face with white supremacists, violent anti-abortion activists or former Jihadists to understand their motives. She always shows everyone as humans. Such conversations have had direct implications in the past: after a conversation with Deeyah Khan a few former white supremacists’ leaders left their movement.

How can we overcome the division in our societies that has deepened over the last years? What strategies can we find to create a society where everyone feels included and safe? Those and other questions will be tackled in our online talk with our guests Deeyah Khan and Yasmine Ouirhrane.

The talk is moderated by Yasmine Ouirhrane (24), an Italian-Moroccan activist based in France. She has been recognised as Young European of the Year 2019 (more information here) for her commitment to equality for women and equal participation opportunities for migrants in Europe.

The talk was previously recorded and will be streamed on the Schwarzkopf Foundation YouTube channel: Click here from December 1st, 6.00 pm CET onwards to get directly to the stream! More information on the Schwarzkopf-Europe Award, Deeyah Khan and a video by the jury is available here.

You can find the recording of the event here:


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