#Ensemble Franco-German Youth Exchange

The initiative builds upon the German and French EU Council Presidency, in 2020 and 2022 respectively as well as the federal and presidential elections taking place in Germany and France. The familiarisation of France and Germany in a cooperative context was a turning point in European history and part of the foundation of the concept of the peaceful Europe that we know today. In the spirit of the Conference on the Future of Europe, we, therefore, want to bring the format one step further and offer a bilingual exchange for young people speaking French and German.

The aim of the project in 2020 and 2021 is to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding – and languages are an important factor for this. Our mother tongue is the one in which we feel most comfortable to talk, discuss and express our thoughts. In order to facilitate such a deepening of intercultural understanding and to reach a broader target audience, the Ensemble takes place in French and German. In the attached publication you will find the results of the exchange in 2020 summarized in English.

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