Our team takes care of the day-to-day business. In close interaction with our target group, we create activities for young Europeans who participate in shaping society. In doing so, we rely on the diverse perspectives within the team and on a common ground.

Executive Director

  • Tomáš Sacher

    Executive Director
    Tomáš Sacher is responsible for the foundation's strategic and operational business and leads our diverse team. His aim is to further strengthen the foundation's European outlook and networks.  

Communication & Administration

  • Nadia Zitouni

    Team Lead Administration: Finances & HR
    Nadia Zitouni takes care of all financial matters and all questions relating to personnel.
  • Lasse Schwanck

    Team Lead Administration: IT & Office Management
    Lasse looks after the foundation’s technical systems. Between paper jam and server closet, from Excel issues to Microsoft’s licensing model, Lasse supports our team in getting things done.
  • Friedrich Landenberger

    Head of Communication
    Friedrich Landenberger is responsible for communicating our projects & topics to the outside world. It is particularly important to him to strenghten young, diverse voices and perspectives.
  • Andrea Buchan

    HR Manager
    Andrea Buchan takes care of our team. She coordinates personnel processes and clarifies labor law issues.
  • Edel Coradi

    Edel manages and optimizes the organization’s IT resources and services.
  • Jürgen Hübner

    IT Systems Administrator
    Jürgen Hübner cares about technical infrastructure and IT.
  • Ilija Jerković

    Fundraising Manager
    Ilija Jerković is responsible for driving fundraising processes and coordinating partnership management in effort to rally resources and support for the vision of a Europe of openness, solidarity and democracy.
  • Yumin Li

    Commissioner for Anti-Discrimination, Diversity-Policies and Justice
    Yumin works on the diversity-oriented development of the Foundation. She coordinates the change process within the Foundation and develops measures to promote equitable and discrimination-sensitive work.
  • Waltraud Luschny

    Archive Editor
    As a trained journalist, Waltraud Luschny digs deep into the sometimes dusty files from the foundation's founding days. By creating a digital archive, she is making our 50-year history accessible.
  • Alina Schneider

    Student Assistant Administration
    Alina appreciates the international environment of the foundation. Next to her studies, she supports the office management and the department human resources.
  • João Silva

    Finances Officer
    João takes care of the bookkeeping and the daily income and expenses, keeping track of the numbers and many small steps in between.

Education & Travel

  • Nadine Golly

    Programme Lead Education & Travel / Co-Lead “Competence Network Living Together in Migration Societies”
    In addition to the education and travel program, Nadine Golly is responsible for the “Competence Network Living Together in Migrant Societies”. As an expert on anti-discrimination and education, she strengthens diversity-oriented offers.
  • Fikri Anıl Altıntaş

    Project Manger Education & Travel
    Fikri Anıl Altıntaş coordinates our travel grants and implements racism-critical educational offers for children and youth welfare as part of the competence network. He also communicates those offers on our Instagram channel "Beyond A Single Story".
  • Ariam Hibtay

    Student Assistant Education & Travel
    Ariam Hibtay supports the team in planning and implementing events as well as managing the Instagram account "Beyond A Single Story". She is a Master's student in Sociocultural Studies, with a focus on intersectionality and critical racism research, at the European University Viadrina.
  • Jess Mukeba

    Student Assistant Education & Travel
  • Annik Schepp

    Project Manager Education & Travel
    Annik Schepp coordinates the Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism programme. She supports young people in advancing post-migrant remembrance culture.

Events & Awards

  • Dr. Geraldine Blomberg

    Programme Lead Events & Awards
    Dr. Geraldine Blomberg leads the events and awards team. She is an enthusiast for formats and tools that allow young people exchange and encounters. In her interdisciplinary professional background, she combines educational studies with applied theatre pedagogy.
  • Paula Winkler

    Project Assistant Events & Awards
    Paula Winkler actively supports the team as a volunteer in organising events and awards.
  • Esther Spicker

    Project Manager Awards
    Esther Spicker is responsible for the Foundation's three awards and is an expert on anti-Semitism and post-migrant remembrance culture. With her work, she wants to make visible the varied commitment of young people to a pluralistic society in Europe and give them recognition.
  • Darius Elahi

    Project Manager Events
    Darius Elahi oversees events at the foundation. His goal is to create exciting and informative formats on various political topics.

Young Islam Conference

  • Jasemin Seven

    Programme Lead Young Islam Conference
    Jasemin leads the Young Islam Conference and is responsible for the Europeanization of the network with a focus on strategic communication. She is an expert in educational and socio-political discourses in the areas of migration society in Europe and social participation.
  • Dr. Asmaa Soliman

    Programme Lead Young Islam Conference | Co-Lead “Competence Network Living Together in the Migration Society” (on parental leave)
    Dr. Asmaa Soliman is an expert on topics dealing with intercultural diversity and Muslim communities in Europe. She leads the Young Islam Conference and coordinates the “Competence Network Living Together in the Migration Society”together with her colleague Nadine Golly.
  • Batoul Abu-Yahya

    Student Assistant Communication
    Batoul Abu-Yahya has been active in many young networks. Alongside her studies, she supports the foundation's public relations work.
  • Zubair Ahmad

    Project Manager Young Islam Conference | Co-Lead “Competence Network Living Together in Migration Societies”
    Zubair Ahmad is an expert in postcolonial discourses. He is responsible for the outreach work of the Young Islam Conference. He supports it scientifically and brings the issues that affect our network members to the public.
  • Iman Akboua

    Student Assistant Young Islam Conference
    Iman supports the communication of the Young Islam Conference. Her focus is on social media and blog editing. She benefits from her expertise in intersectional feminism.
  • Seren Başoğul

    Project Manager Young Islam Conference
    Seren Başoğul is an expert in the field of empowerment. She coordinates the networking activities of the Young Islam Conference and supports our diverse JIK members in getting involved. She is also responsible for the Summer Academy and, together with Caroline Haufe, for the Media Academy.
  • Veronika Gunne

    Project Assistant Young Islam Conference
    Veronika Gunne is an executive assistant. She supports Asmaa with everything that comes up and keeps track of numbers and finances.
  • Caroline Haufe

    Communication Manager Young Islam Conference
    Caroline Haufe is responsible for public relations at the Young Islam Conference and implements the Media Academy together with Seren Başoğul.
  • Svea Klee

    Student Assistant in Europeanisation and Strategic Communication
    Svea Klee supports Jasemin in the area of Europeanisation and strategic communication. She focused on the intersectionality of different forms of discrimination during an internship at the Consortium on Gender Security and Human Rights and is currently studying International Relations at the University of Groningen.
  • Josefine Rindt

    Student Assistant Young Islam Conference
    Next to her masterstudies in ‘Gender, Intersectionality and Politics’ at the FU Berlin, Josefine Rindt supports the team of the Young Islam Conference in coordinating network activities.

Understanding Europe

  • Lena Strehmann

    Programme Lead Understanding Europe
    Lena Strehmann leads the team of Understanding Europe. She is a trained diversity manager and works as a strategic thinker and participation expert on the future of the educational network.
  • Daniela Cappuccio

    Project Manager Understanding Europe
    Daniela Cappuccio is mainly responsible for the Coordinators, the Transnational Training for Trainers, and project evaluation of Understanding Europe. She is a lawyer and has been a volunteer of the network since 2016.
  • Ane Cenecorta

    Project Manager & Communications Manager
    Ane Cenecorta is responsible for the Fellowship “Thinking of Europe in Times of Transformation” and manages the communications channels of Understanding Europe.
  • Marlene Gärtner

    Project Manager Understanding Europe (on parental leave)
    Marlene Gärtner organises the European Summer School and is responsible for qualification, transnational networking and evaluation. She is enthusiastic about scientific findings and committed to the exchange between research and practice.
  • Friedrich Landenberger

    Head of Communication
    Friedrich Landenberger is responsible for communicating our projects & topics to the outside world. It is particularly important to him to strenghten young, diverse voices and perspectives.
  • Frieda Metzkow

    Student Assistant Understanding Europe
    Frieda Metzkow supports the team of Understanding Europe with adminis¬trative and organizational tasks. Next to her work, she studies sociolin¬guistics and political science at the Free University of Berlin.
  • Tui Nguyen

    Student Assistant Understanding Europe
    Tui Nguyen supports the organisation of the European Summer School and takes care of the communication of the "Good News!" courses. She is a Master's student in Education at the Humboldt University in Berlin.
  • Rebekka Pfenning

    Project Manager Understanding Europe
    Rebekka Pfennig is responsible for the European Summer School and supports the publication of the Educational Briefing. As a former trainer, she has known the network since 2018 and is always inspired by the political spirit and commitment of young people.

European Youth Parliament

  • Anya Suprunenko

    Executive Director European Youth Parliament
    Leading the team of the EYP’s International OfficeAnya turned her passion for youth engagement into profession. She coordinates the strategic and operative development of the network together with the youth-led international Board and represents the organisation towards external stakeholders and partners.
  • Sarah Bittner

    Communication Manager European Youth Parliament
    Sarah strategises the network’s approach to communications and oversees the project “Ensemble: Franco-German Youth Exchange”. With her work she strives to convey the opinions of young Europeans as well as the EYP-spirit to external stakeholders.
  • Isabel Cantalapiedra Pro

    Project Manager European Youth Parliament
    Isabel is in charge of health-themed activities of the EYP, supports the network in diversity-oriented processes and pushes for inclusion and accessibility in the network.
  • Conor Comiskey

    European Solidarity Corps Volunteer
    Conor Comiskey actively supports the team on all activities of the Climate Youth Action Plan
  • Anne Flotho-Liersch

    Project Manager European Youth Parliament
    Anne oversees the Climate Youth Action Plan, a network-wide initiative focused on European climate and energy policy. Within her portfolio, she coordinates the EYP's activities related to climate change and sustainability.
  • Kristine Lomako

    Project Manager European Youth Parliament
    Kristine coordinates the “Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces” project, in which she works with EYP volunteers from National Committees in the Eastern Partnership countries. She’s passionate about long-term development, capacity-building and ecological sustainability.
  • Saskia van Berloo

    Project Assistant International Sessions
    Saskia is responsible for the International Seesions of EYP, connecting young engaged people from all over Europe.