Our team takes care of the day-to-day business. In close interaction with our target group, we create activities for young Europeans who participate in shaping society. In doing so, we rely on the diverse perspectives within the team and on a common ground.

Executive Team

  • Mandy Buschina

    Executive Director
    Mandy Buschina takes care of the strategic direction of the foundation. With an eye for the bigger picture, she finds the right partners for our work.
  • Kerstin Eckart

    Deputy Executive Director
    As a former volunteer and project manager, Kerstin Eckart knows the foundation inside out. Since 2019, she is responsible for the administrative and legal basis of our work.
  • Luisa Seiler

    Executive Director (on parental leave)
    Luisa Seiler is responsible for the foundation's strategic and operational business and leads our diverse team. She brings youth networks, partners and decision-makers into one room.

Communication & Administration

  • Batoul Abu-Yahya

    Student Assistant Communication
    Batoul Abu-Yahya has been active in many young networks. Alongside her studies, she supports the foundation's public relations work.
  • Concepta Agoya

    Trainee Office Management
    Concepta Agoya enables the team to manage the daily office routine in an organized and sustainable way.
  • Sofia Auersperg-Breunner

    Finances Officer
    Sofia supports the team in finances and administration and coordinates the funding process of the project office European Volunteering Capital Berlin 2021.
  • Andrea Buchan

    Administrator Human Resources
    Andrea Buchan takes care of our team. She coordinates personnel processes and clarifies labor law issues.
  • Bernard Dröge

    Head of Administration and IT
    Bernard Dröge oversees our internal infrastructure and working environments. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  • Teo Ernst

    Student Assistant
    Teo Ernst supports the office management as a student assistant.
  • Simon Häuser

    Advisor to the Executive Directors and the Chairman of the Board
    Simon Häuser supports the executive directors in word and deed and is wholeheartedly committed to organising unforgettable team events.
  • Jürgen Hübner

    Jürgen Hübner cares about technical infrastructure and IT.
  • Milena Jovanovic

    Head of Communication
    Milena Jovanovic communicates our content to the outside world. She is committed to making young voices heard and to strengthening post-migrant perspectives.
  • Maximilian Kürten

    Project Assistant Communication
    Maximilian Kürten supports our external communication as a volunteer. Close to the target group, he helps us stay up-to-date.
  • Waltraud Luschny

    Archive Editor
    As a trained journalist, Waltraud Luschny digs deep into the sometimes dusty files from the foundation's founding days. By creating a digital archive, she is making our 50-year history accessible.
  • Naura Mbigha Ocheigoh

    Student Assistant Human Resources
    Next to her studies in business informatics, Naura Mbigha Ocheigoh assists the Foundation with personnel data management and organisation.
  • Rita Portugal

    Finances Officer
    Rita takes care of the bookkeeping and the daily income and expenses, keeping track of the numbers and many small steps in between.
  • Lasse Schwanck

    IT Systems Administrator
    Lasse looks after the foundation’s technical systems. Between paper jam and server closet, from Excel issues to Microsoft’s licensing model, Lasse supports our team in getting things done.

Education & Travel

  • Fikri Anıl Altıntaş

    Project Manger Education & Travel
    Fikri Anıl Altıntaş coordinates our travel grants and implements racism-critical educational offers for children and youth welfare as part of the competence network. He also communicates those offers on our Instagram channel "Beyond A Single Story".
  • Ruby Eshun

    Student Assistant Education & Travel
    Ruby supports the Young Ambassadors against Antisemitsm programme as a student assistant. As a former participant of the programme, she knows what matters.
  • Nadine Golly

    Programme Lead Education & Travel / Co-Lead "Competence Network Living Together in Migration Societies"
    In addition to the education and travel program, Nadine Golly is responsible for the “Competence Network Living Together in Immigrant Societies”. As an expert on anti-discrimination and education, she strengthens diversity-oriented offers.
  • Onur Mercan

    Student Assistant Education & Travel
    Onur Mercan supports the work of our competence network as a student assistant. He is also a Peer-Educator with Understanding Europe and brings our topics into classrooms throughout Germany.
  • Annik Schepp

    Project Manager Education & Travel
    Annik Schepp coordinates the Young Ambassadors Against Antisemitism programme. She supports young people in advancing post-migrant remembrance culture.
  • Jasmin Sebastiani

    Student Assistant Education & Travel
    Jasmin supports various projects in the context of education, travel & in the competence network "Living together in the immigration society" as a student assistant with a love of detail.
  • Pia Sombetzki

    Project Manger Education & Travel
    Pia Sombetzki coordinates the Postmigrant Europe Journey and is responsible for the Instagram channel "Postmigrant Europe". In her work, she connects international and young perspectives on migration societies in Europe.

European Volunteer Capital 2021 (EVC), Awards & Events

  • Mouhamed Abed Ali

    Project Assistant Awards
    Mouhamed Abed-Ali actively supports us as a volunteer in the area of prizes.
  • Jana Freiburg

    Project Assistant Events
    Jana Freiburg actively supports the team as a volunteer in organising and running events.
  • Tobias Frietzsche

    Head of Project Office of the European Volunteering Capital 2021
    Tobias Frietzsche leads the project office in cooperation with betterplace lab. He aims to give the many volunteers in Berlin more visibility and inspire new people to get involved.
  • Sophia Siemer

    Project Manager European Volunteering Capital 2021
    A long-time volunteer herself, Sophia Siemer is now part of the EVC team and entrusted with the conception and organisation of events.
  • Esther Spicker

    Project Manager Awards
    Esther Spicker is responsible for the Foundation's three awards and is an expert on anti-Semitism and post-migrant remembrance culture. With her work, she wants to make visible the varied commitment of young people to a pluralistic society in Europe and give them recognition.

Young Islam Conference

  • Zubair Ahmad

    Project Manager Young Islam Conference
    Zubair Ahmad is an expert in postcolonial discourses. He monitors the Young Islam Conference scientifically and brings the issues that affect the network to the public.
  • Seren Başoğul

    Project Manager Young Islam Conference
    Seren Başoğul is an expert on empowerment. She coordinates the networking activities of the Young Islam Conference and supports our diverse JIK members in getting involved. She is also responsible for the Summer Academy and, together with Theresa Singer, for the Media Academy.
  • Hassan E.

    Project Assistant Young Islam Conference
    Hassan E. works in the team of the Young Islam Conference at the interface of networking and communication. His personal focus is on the empowerment of young BIPoC and on a critical perspective on racism in general.
  • Veronika Gunne

    Project Assistant Young Islam Conference
    As project assistant in the team of the Young Islam Conference, Veronika Gunne keeps track of figures and finances and supports the project lead with everything that comes up.
  • Tarek Mündelein

    Project Manager Young Islam Conference
    Tarek Mündelein is our planning expert and is responsible for the Federal Conference and the JIK Talks event series at the Young Islam Conference. Thus, creating space for exchange, encounter and change of perspectives.
  • Josephine Rindt

    Student Assistant Young Islam Conference
    Next to her masterstudies in ‘Gender, Intersectionality and Politics’ at the FU Berlin, Josefine Rindt supports the team of the Young Islam Conference in the areas of administration and outreach.
  • Theresa Singer

    Communication Manager Young Islam Conference
    Theresa Singer coordinates the public relations of the Young Islam Conference and the social media channels of the Foundation. In her work, she brings issues and perspectives to the front that are often not heard enough.
  • Dr. Asmaa Soliman

    Programme Lead Young Islam Conference / Co-Lead "Competence Network Living Together in Migration Societies"
    Dr. Asmaa Soliman is an expert on issues of multi-religious society. She heads the Young Islam Conference and coordinates the " Competence Network Living Together in Migration Societies“ together with Nadine Golly.

Understanding Europe

  • Evin Demir

    Project Manager Understanding Europe
    Evin Demir is responsible for the Fellowship Programmes and the coordination of the "Good News!" courses. As a former trainer, she knows the importance of a diverse educational network and wants to empower young people from different backgrounds.
  • Friedrich Landenberger

    Communication Manager Understanding Europe
    Friedrich Landenberger is responsible for Understanding Europe's public relations and supports the foundation’s press work. It is particularly important for him to bring diverse voices and perspectives of young Europeans to the fore.
  • Laura Meijer

    Project Manager Understanding Europe
    Laura Meijer organizes the European Summer School and supervises qualification and evaluation processes of Understanding Europe. In addition, Laura is passionate about climate justice and coordinates the sustainability process of the Foundation towards a CO2-neutral future.
  • Frieda Metzkow

    Student Assistant Understanding Europe
    Frieda Metzkow supports the team of Understanding Europe with adminis¬trative and organizational tasks. Next to her work, she studies sociolin¬guistics and political science at the Free University of Berlin.
  • Thimo Nieselt

    Project Lead Understanding Europe
    Thimo Nieselt leads the team of Understanding Europe. As an expert on inclusive, diversity-oriented Peer Education, he is also in charge of the didactic approaches and quality management of educational formats as well as our network’s publications.
  • Rebekka Pfenning

    Student Assistant Understanding Europe
    Rebekka Pfennig supports our team in coordinating workshops and events like the European Summer School. As a former trainer, she has known the network since 2018 and is always inspired by the political spirit and commitment of young people.
  • Lena Strehmann

    Project Manager Understanding Europe
    Lena Strehmann is a born networker and supervises the Coordinators of Understanding Europe. She also enjoys communicating creatively on social media and coordinates the project’s Diversity-Oriented Organizational Development (DOOD) process.

European Youth Parliament

  • Sarah Bittner

    Communication Manager European Youth Parliament
    Sarah strategises the network’s approach to communications and oversees the project “Ensemble: Franco-German Youth Exchange”. With her work she strives to convey the opinions of young Europeans as well as the EYP-spirit to external stakeholders.
  • Valeriya Boyko

    Project Manager European Youth Parliament
    Valeriya takes care of training activities for the network and oversees the development of the Members Platform. She regularly mixes learning objectives and participants needs into a well-designed learning experience.
  • Isabel Cantalapiedra Pro

    Project Manager European Youth Parliament
    Isabel is in charge of health-themed activities of the EYP, supports the network in diversity-oriented processes and pushes for inclusion and accessibility in the network.
  • Ilija Jerković

    Project Manager European Youth Parliament
    Ilija connects young Europeans through the network’s flagship events and is in charge of EYP’s involvement with the Conference on the Future of Europe.
  • Laura Joël

    Project Assistant European Youth Parliament
    Laura supports the coordination of the EYP’s Alumni Network. Through events and the Mentorship Programme , she connects former members of the European Youth Parliament with currently active ones to strengthen the network.
  • Marlene Karstensen

    Project Assistant European Youth Parliament
    Marlene supports the project “Youth Dialogues for Strong Civic Spaces”. She is passionate about the individual and societal impact of the EYP and facilitates the networks’ impact assessment process.
  • Yannick Léonard

    European Solidarity Corps Volunteer European Youth Parliament
    Yannick is a volunteer who supports the participants management of the EYP International Sessions and helps with logistics for event organising.
  • Kristine Lomako

    Project Manager European Youth Parliament
    Kristine coordinates the “Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces” project, in which she works with EYP volunteers from National Committees in the Eastern Partnership countries. She’s passionate about long-term development, capacity-building and ecological sustainability.
  • Helena Nepp

    Project Manager European Youth Parliament
    Helena manages the Power Shifts project focusing on facilitating the discussions on energy and climate issues in the EYP network. In addition, she works in innovative processes in EYP aiming at transforming the network to be a catalyst for active citizenship.
  • Nikita Salukvadze

    Project Assistant European Youth Parliament
    Nikita is a creative content creator. He supports the European Youth Parliament’s media and communications work, manages and designs content for social media accounts and engages with EYP’s National Committees on communication topics.
  • João Silva

    European Solidarity Corps Volunteer European Youth Parliament
    João is an excellent multitasker and supports all logistics and processes related to the international governance of the EYP network.
  • Anya Suprunenko

    Executive Director European Youth Parliament
    Leading the team of the EYP’s International OfficeAnya turned her passion for youth engagement into profession. She coordinates the strategic and operative development of the network together with the youth-led international Board and represents the organisation towards external stakeholders and partners.