EYP Governing Body

The Governing Body (GB) is the international board of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) that represents the interests of the network as a whole. It is mainly responsible for the strategic development of the EYP and for facilitating the work of the organisation at the international level. In collaboration with the national committees and the members of the organisation, it establishes guidelines that ensure the quality and safety of the EYP’s activities, and it oversees the three annual International Sessions.

The GB is composed of six elected members, four of which are elected by the National Committees and two by the EYP’s members. A representative of the Schwarzkopf Foundation also sits on the GB. The Executive Director of the EYP participates in every meeting.

The members of the Governing Body in 2021 are: Aritz Labrador (Spain), Janis Fifka (Germany), Güneş Uğuz (Turkey), Annelou Snippe (Netherlands), Ludovica Formicola (Italty), Tom Cobbenhagen (Netherlands), André Schmitz-Schwarzkopf (Germany) (Interim Executive Director, Schwarzkopf-Foundation)

Who we are

  • Aritz Labrador

    I am eager to sustain the development of the EYP network in these difficult times, support NCs after the Corona-break and reinforce our educational mission, as well as our impact in society.
  • Janis Fifka

    Being in the Governing Body allows me to learn a lot about organisational development and creating processes that combine creative problem-solving of everyday issues, a good sense for potentials and innovation as well as the manifold needs of all the different people in our network. To shape EYP, in which I have grown myself for a decade now, in such a prominent position is really something extraordinary.
  • Güneş Uğuz

    EYP always offers new opportunities for everyone to discover the world around us, develop and empower themselves to create a positive impact. Being a part of the Governing Body is a truly inspiring chance to work with the young people all around the EYP network, widen and improve our organisation. I am enthusiastic about contributing to the network by forming stronger bonds and enhancing the cooperation between the members, alumni and National Committees.
  • Annelou Snippe

    As a member of the Governing Body, I am excited to help shape our network’s long-term vision and the way the organisation will look in the future. Being able to contribute to the impact EYP has around Europe whilst learning and growing in this role is an invaluable opportunity for me. Furthermore, playing a part in the organisation's development towards being more accessible and welfare-friendly is close to my heart.
  • Ludovica Formicola

    My main motivation to be part of the Governing Body is to provide EYPers with all the necessary tools to become authentic changemakers. Empowering young people to carry out new projects for active citizenship is the beating heart of our organisation, as well as a great source of inspiration.
  • Tom Cobbenhagen

    I have always been fascinated by the impact and reach of the EYP Network. It is one of the best examples of informal skill development and education for young people that I have ever encountered, and am glad to still be able to contribute to the organisation. Through our network, we are able to to help young people in Europe developing themselves to become even better critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and most importantly become more open to dialogue and exchange.
  • André Schmitz-Schwarzkopf