JIK Committee

© Rana Farahani

“We are young, diverse people from the middle of society who see ourselves as the mouthpiece of the JIK network. As a JIK body, our goal is to motivate young people who, just like us, want to rethink and initiate changes in society. We do this by bringing our issues and concerns to the public in order to promote greater understanding, and thus create cohesion.

Since 2016, the Young Islam Conference (JIK) has formed a committee of ten or so committed people from the JIK network. Members of the committee provide impetuses for conference formats, actively shape events and see themselves as ambassadors of the project.

The JIK committee is made up of various committed young people from the JIK network. We want to proactively contribute to social change towards a post-migrant reality of life and provide new impetuses. Our goal is to continuously develop and present young people with diverse and differentiated offers in which as many people as possible can find themselves.

  • Elif

    “Dialogue, exchange, but also constructive debate with people who may think quite differently from me are essential for a multipolar and pluralistic society. At JIK, I can be proactive together with other young people and shape tomorrow’s society with them.”
  • Gina

    “It is important to me that these spaces for dialogue exist, not only to exchange ideas and learn from one another, but also to gain motivation and strength in solidarity with like-minded people. I would like to do my part.”
  • Hicham

    “For me, JIK is a forum that creates space for exchange and encounters. The opportunity to network with other young people who also take responsibility for society gives you strength and boosts your drive. The positive energy and mutual inspiration within the JIK network has inspired me to become active myself.”
  • Meloy

    “A single person can, at best, dream of transforming society. Only as a community, though, can you make this dream become true, break down social structures and actively shape the future. For me, JIK offers a platform where you can network with like-minded people on the one hand, but also enter into non-discriminatory discourse with people who think differently, which ultimately benefits everyone.”
  • Paula

    “My utopia for our society is that of an open, welcoming community that allows people to realise themselves as individuals. But, in order for this hope for the future to materialise, we have to actively work towards it. That is why I am a part of JIK, because here I get the chance to contribute my ideas and stand up for this utopia together with other young people.”
  • Shaza

    “With JIK, I have found a great network of people with whom I can and want to make a difference in small steps.”
  • Zöhre

    “If it is not us who want to make a difference to change structures, who will do it for us? This was the question I asked myself back then when I wanted to get involved with JIK. It was clear to me that you cannot change the world overnight, but you can achieve great things together with small steps. That is why I am on the committee, with a team that is ready to do something for change and that represents our interests.”
  • Imane

    “Our society is so diverse, but in many areas it is still very backwardly simple-minded! I have a voice and I want to be part of an open society where people talk to each other instead of about each other.”
  • Louisa

    “Racism against Muslims is not just a Muslim problem. Hatred in general should have no place in our society. That is what I stand up for in the committee and that is why JIK is indispensable as a dialogue forum for young people in particular.”
  • Enes

    "The Young Islam Conference is a valuable network for me. The dialogue among each other, the dynamics and the people who participate at the JIK are indescribable. Because everyone has the same vision: "Haltung Statt Herkunft""
  • Rahel

    "I am involved with the JIK because I am convinced that this project is a great opportunity for the younger generation. Especially to encourage people my age to take a critical look at our society and to be part of the process of transforming it into a healthy and cohesive togetherness, the JIK is a great medium."