JIK Committee

© Rana Farahani

“We are young, diverse people from the middle of society who see ourselves as the mouthpiece of the JIK network. As a JIK body, our goal is to motivate young people who, just like us, want to rethink and initiate changes in society. We do this by bringing our issues and concerns to the public in order to promote greater understanding, and thus create cohesion.

Since 2016, the Young Islam Conference (JIK) has formed a committee of ten or so committed people from the JIK network. Members of the committee provide impetuses for conference formats, actively shape events and see themselves as ambassadors of the project.

The JIK committee is made up of various committed young people from the JIK network. We want to proactively contribute to social change towards a post-migrant reality of life and provide new impetuses. Our goal is to continuously develop and present young people with diverse and differentiated offers in which as many people as possible can find themselves.

  • Mouna Chatt

    "Participating in the Narrative Change Academy for nearly a year has shown me how intense but also rewarding it can be to work together on strategic communication. As an NCA Fellow, I look forward to continuing this work by contributing to and presenting a policy paper that reflects on the development of the NCA and its accompanying digital campaign."
  • Kübra Sariyar

    "In the Narrative Change Approach, I recognize the opportunity to transform knowledge into something tangible, and I hope that the work will be met with curiosity and trust. I am particularly excited about the experimental approach."
  • David Bakum

    "I appreciate the JIK as an empowerment space for many young Muslims in Germany and want to support as an ally. By learning the Narrative Change Approach, I look forward to designing a campaign concept that aims to realize the visions of the JIK across Europe!"
  • Ahmad Kalaji

    "Our society should become more diverse and colourful. For this to succeed, post-migrant voices should be given more platforms. Only through dialogue and talking to each other can we achieve this goal – living together instead of living past each other. For me, the Young Islam Conference is a place of exchange, listening, and learning from each other."
  • Rahel Ladwig

    "As part of my fellowship for the JIK Talks 2023, I once again became aware of how important it is to talk to each other, to speak truths, and to engage in controversial discussions. I am happy and proud to be part of this network, there is always another perspective to discover, and everyone is heard – I believe this is the best way to work towards change."
  • Yağmur Topçu

    "For me, the JIK is like a mosaic of diverse people with different ideas, personalities, and stories. If one takes the time, even just briefly, to listen to these individuals, one can recognize what today's society truly needs. As a Fellow, it is now my task to convey these wonderful ideas to the outside world. I realized early on that if I don't stand up for myself, no one else will. And I wanted to be that someone for these amazing people."
  • Tuba Rahmann

    "Engagement is important in order to actively promote oneself and one's environment. However, it is important to continue to develop and take advantage of opportunities that support one's goals. Therefore, a fellowship offers a good opportunity to organize thoughts and use them more effectively. The JIK is not just a network. It is a passion project for many involved who strive to finally be heard and recognized."
  • Rameza Monir

    "It is not enough to complain about the injustices in society. To make a change, you must be the change yourself. The JIK is precisely this platform for me, which creates awareness for the issues facing young Muslims in Germany and proactively addresses them through dialogue."