Understanding Europe Coordinators

The Coordinators of Understanding Europe facilitate and strengthen young, inclusive and diversity-oriented educational work in Europe. As volunteers, they are planning and implementing the project in 13 European countries: they supervise local teams, coordinate the work of trainers, act as contact persons for schools and local partners, and are responsible for the respective project budget. Twice a year, they come together to receive further training, discuss latest projects and current affairs, and design strategies for the future development of the project.

  • Ane Cenecorta

    “Truth is, that Understanding Europe is a project that has changed me for the better. This project helps you connect with great people and is more than just giving courses to young students. I think it's about connecting with them and giving them valuable tools to thrive in life, offering them the freedom that they might haven't experienced in their classrooms, showing them that there is always another way of doing things.”
  • Clemens Baier

    “I am involved with Understanding Europe because I believe that the European Union is one of the most important peace projects of our times. Teaching about opens the possibility for students to reflect on the European Union themselves and to help to foster an opinion about the European Union that is founded in facts.”
  • Daniela Cappuccio

    “A student once told me: Even if the European Union would formally disappear, it would not die because it is more than a governmental organization, it is a feeling that will live forever in the heart of our generation.”
  • Daniela Toutpati

    “Understanding Europe Belgium is the perfect way for young people to understand how the European Union works and, most importantly, how to become active citizens in society. Everyday racism, discrimination, inequality gaps, but also problems like climate change, among many others, suffocate our society, day by day. Remaining silent and indifferent becomes the worst fault ever. Therefore, it is our duty to make this society a better place and ensure a better living for the next generations. Only by acting together, will we achieve this.”
  • Davit Manukyan

    “I've been actively involved in youth work for years and Understanding Europe has an important part in it. It is very important for the Armenian youth to have better understanding about the European Union, considering the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement that was recently ratified between Armenia and the EU. Moreover, it is very useful for the Armenian youth to learn about the ways of making their voice heard, which the training is covering comprehensively.”
  • Arijel Kurtagic

    “I believe that in Bosnia and Herzegovina Understanding Europe carries an additional amount of importance. Here, there is so much skepticism regarding the EU. Understanding Europe allows young people to create an informed, balanced stance regarding the EU's effectiveness and serves as a tool to teach them that their voices matter, in their home country, and in the European Union.”
  • Imamović Tarik

    “The Understanding Europe program is especially important in Bosnia and Herzegovina when we take into consideration our national goal of joining the EU. In this context, we perform a crucial role of educating our youth in the values and institutions of the EU.”
  • Julia Kikel

    “After being introduced to the European Youth Parliament in 2017, I have always felt very passionate about European values and youth participation. The Understanding Europe project, specifically, appealed to me because of its novel, tangible and interactive teaching and learning approach, which is mutually enriching for both pupils and trainers. Moreover, I enjoy being part of an international team of equally motivated and like-minded people who share my interests.”
  • Maria Mihajlova

    “I am grateful to be able to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about the core principles of the European Union. Understanding Europe is crucial in the process of implementation of the European values into the Ukrainian society. With UE we can educate the new generation of Ukrainian youngsters engaged in social activities.”
  • Milad Tabesch

    “I had the privilege to be a part of Understanding Europe since 2017. To discuss, what aspirations and hopes we have for the future, beyond the peace we have learned to take for granted, is exactly the motivation that drives me to talk to young people about the relevance of the EU. And Understanding Europe offers exactly this opportunity.”
  • Taguhi Poghosyan

    “I have been part of Understanding Europe since 2017, and throughout this time the project not only gave me a chance to be more active in my community and in my country in general, but it also gave me a chance to learn more about the structure of EU, its history and gain an understanding of the most relevant political topics.”
  • Vanessa Schmidt

    “I have been involved in the Understanding Europe programme since 2018, which has taught me a lot. I am very happy to be active in UE as working together with young people shows me every day how much power and motivation there is in young people to change the world in a positive way.”
  • Luke Cunningham

    "I am proud to join the Understanding Europe family! I cannot wait to embark on this wonderful journey and to help young people here on our Island learn about the EU."
  • Leonor Costa

    “I got involved with Understanding Europe hoping to expand my own knowledge of the EU and developing new skills within the scopes of communication and teamwork. Having contact with both Trainers and students from different backgrounds, I have been presented with multiple learning experiences which I will undoubtedly take with me for the rest of my life.”
  • Ana Leite

    “I've always been an extrovert, and I always loved meeting new people and learning new things, so I was thrilled when someone in my college (I'm studying Law, btw) told me about Understanding Europe. I already had been at EYP's regional and national (Évora and Leiria, respectively), so it was with a special cherish that I decided to become a Coordinator!”
  • Afonso Cardo

    “The European Union has such a profound impact on our lives, from the biggest investment helps to the smallest regulations, from the student in Porto to the farmer on the Alentejo – and yet there is a lack of understanding of it. This amazing project helps to fill this gap in a way that maximizes interaction and active learning, and it is my greatest pleasure to be a part of it.”
  • Isabela Alexandra Neague

    “Our generation needs to rethink the concept of education, together with a clearer and more complex perspective on the European picture of democratic values and social principles. Bringing Understanding Europe to Romania means for us an excellent way to show that progress means collaboration, it means to ally with other young people through which we can bring to our country efficient work systems in education projects.”
  • Yiğit Acar

    “I believe in the structure of democratic comprehension and wish for all people from different ethnicities, races, genders, religions and beliefs to take part in decision making processes. We can expand our horizons and put us at the next level by actually “Understanding Europe”. If you ever decide to be a part of this beautiful project, I want you to implement everything you learned in the best way possible for yourselves and be aware of that by the end of the day.”