Here you get news from Young Europe, calls for applications for our programmes and awards as well as other current news from the Foundation.

  • Call for Applications: Become a Young Europe Ambassador!

    We are looking for influencers & content creators interested in political topics, digital education, democracy, and social participation to become “Young Europe Ambassadors.” The Ambassadors will support us in reaching out to young people throughout Europe with informative, discrimination-critical and engaging content.

  • We are looking for the Young European of the Year 2024

    Can you think of somebody who is dedicated to fight for a more pluralistic, and solidary European society? Someone who stands up for justice and anti-discrimination? Then nominate this young person as the Young European of the Year 2024! The deadline for nominations is April 14.

  • Reviewing 2023

    In our latest newsletter, we look back at the year 2023 and reflect on all the successes and activities in our networks and projects – but also on the many crises and challenges that, like many others, have kept us busy this year.

  • Educational Briefing 2023 published

    Today, many young Europeans experience their life marked by multiple crises. This year's publication of our educational network Understanding Europe explores the concept of resilience as a means to deal with crises – featuring suggestions by a psychologist, educational scientists, and young voices from the network members.

  • Postmigrant Europe Travel Journal 2023 published

    The travel journal 2023 takes readers through Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki, highlighting historical and contemporary aspects of migration and colonial influence. It features texts on Black perspectives in European travel history, personal experiences of travelers of color, city-specific challenges, reflection questions, and space for personal stories.