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  • Educational Briefing 2023 published

    Today, many young Europeans experience their life marked by multiple crises. This year's publication of our educational network Understanding Europe explores the concept of resilience as a means to deal with crises – featuring suggestions by a psychologist, educational scientists, and young voices from the network members.

  • Postmigrant Europe Travel Journal 2023 published

    The travel journal 2023 takes readers through Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki, highlighting historical and contemporary aspects of migration and colonial influence. It features texts on Black perspectives in European travel history, personal experiences of travelers of color, city-specific challenges, reflection questions, and space for personal stories.

  • The Narrative Change Academy has started

    The Narrative Change Academy, the first European project of the Young Islam Conference, has started! This year's programme brings together 12 young Europeans who want to address the issue of Islam in Europe and counteract polarizing, racist and Islamophobic attitudes and discourses. After an initial digital session, the participants now met in person for the first time in Berlin.

  • Interview with Mikuláš Lakatoš, Young European of 2023

    On Europe Day, Mikuláš Lakatoš, who was just announced Young European of 2023, speaks about his work and his vision for Europe. Focusing on strengthening Roma and LGBTQ+ communities, he tells us why equal opportunities for everybody matter and how is addressing remaining inqualities.