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  • New workshops on digital participation & media competences

    The Fellows of Understanding Europe have developed six new workshops on topics related to young people's participation in the digital space. They are designed for peer-to-peer education and follow a low-threshold, inclusive and diversity-oriented approach.

  • The Young Islam Conference celebrates its 10th anniversary

    The Young Islam Conference (JIK) celebrates its tenth anniversary. As a dialogue platform and empowerment space for young people, the JIK has been taking up debates about Islam and Muslims since its founding, addressing issues of a plural society and providing impetus in these discourses. On October 25, former project director Esra Küçük and social scientist Prof. Dr. Naika Foroutan, among others, will meet with the young network to discuss the future of the post-migrant society.

  • Conference on the Future of Europe

    The Schwarzkopf Foundation is contributing to Conference on the Future of Europe with two projects. They aim to strengthen the participation of young people in the process of shaping the future of Europe. The projects are part of the European Youth Parliament and Educational Network Understanding Europe.

  • Apply now for the Young Jury of the Margot Friedländer Award!

    Until November 17, young people between the ages of 16 and 22 can apply for the young jury and thus become part of the Margot Friedländer Award: in this project they'll engage with projects that actively shape remembrance culture and work against antisemitism, racism and exclusion. Find more information here.

  • Threats on EYP Belarus – young volunteers face interrogations

    In June 2021, the European Youth Parliament (EYP) in Belarus was dissolved by the Belarusian government – another step tshowing how threathened civil society in the country is. Now the Belarusian secret service has started to interrogate young volunteers of the EYP without justification and legal assistance. More information in our English press release.