Postmigrant Europe

The project Postmigrant Europe offers an exchange platform on the lived realities of those in European migration societies.

Facts & Figures

  • In 2020, we launched the Instagram channel @postmigrant_europe, hosted 3 online live talks and 3 online workshops for young people aged 17-26.
  • With our video content on Instagram and YouTube, we reached more than 1,600 viewers across Europe and the world.
  • In five months, we reached a following of over 1,000 people and directly connected with over 30 peers and young activists through our online workshops.

Postmigrant Europe is a two-year project that highlights post-migrant, post-colonial and marginalised perspectives on Europe. With the Instagram channel, the project provides a learning platform for those to critically engage with such topics, including addressing racism.

By covering current challenges and debates in a post-migrant Europe, we inspire others to confront ideologies of inequality that are at odds with a vision of an open, democratic and pluralistic Europe. Furthermore, we offer young peers, teachers, activists and media-makers the opportunity to exchange on issues that are important to them at transnational and European levels.

Instagram Channel

The Instagram channel @postmigrant_europe highlights the work of European, migrant and diasporic associations, organisations, activists and media-makers. This content is complemented by low-threshold contributions from those in academia, art and journalism.

The complexity of post-migrant societies in Europe and the ideologies of inequality that persist are dealt with through various formats, such as digital lectures, video clips and interviews. During a project trip “The Future of Post-migrant Europe”, participants will become contributors and report on their experiences online and in Berlin.

What topics are covered?

  • Self-perception as (post-)migrant societies and post-colonial perspectives on Europe;

  • Alliances (e.g. Muslim-Jewish) against group-based misanthropy, such as racism against Black people, anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism;

  • Inequality ideologies within migrant and non-migrant communities in Europe, and how tolerance of ambiguity and difference-sensitive knowledge and action can be taught as competences for pluralistic societies in Europe.

The Postmigrant Europe Travel

We want to make the living migration societies visible and enable young people to share experiences with others and pass on their knowledge. For this purpose, we bring together 15 young people from Europe with organisations, initiatives and associations of the migration society on an educational trip.