Young people strengthen European solidarity. That is why we strengthen them.

We offer young Europeans opportunities for exchanges, for personal development and for active participation in civil society.

Upcoming Events


  • Interview with Mikuláš Lakatoš, Young European of 2023

    On Europe Day, Mikuláš Lakatoš, who was just announced Young European of 2023, speaks about his work and his vision for Europe. Focusing on strengthening Roma and LGBTQ+ communities, he tells us why equal opportunities for everybody matter and how is addressing remaining inqualities.

  • Apply now: Travel Grants for Young Europeans 2023

    Supported by Deutsche Bahn and Interrail, we are awarding Global Interrail Passes to young Europeans who will travel the continent independently and explore current political and social issues through reports and videos. The application period runs until May 31, all relevant information can be found on our answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Our Youth Networks

  • European Youth Parliament

    As one of the largest youth organisations in Europe, EYP is a network by young people, for young people. EYP connects youth across borders and offers spaces for political debates, personal development, and exchanging ideas.
  • Young Islam Conference

    In this dialogue forum, young people from different backgrounds and with diverse biographies can discuss topics concerning our migration society and help shape the discourse of a pluralistic society.
  • Understanding Europe

    The European educational network supports young volunteers in their commitment to democracy, diversity and participation. Using a peer-to-peer approach, they bring democratic citizenship education into classrooms across Europe.

Our Topics

  • Youth Participation

    Young people are the focus of our work. As participants, trainers and multipliers, they shape our programmes — and the future of Europe.

  • Europe

    For us, Europe is an idea. “Thinking European” means understanding that plurality is an opportunity — to look beyond our own horizons.

  • Migration Societies

    We promote post-migrant perspectives to reflect our pluralistic society — but this recognition is still lagging behind.

  • Democratic Citizenship Education

    Democratic citizenship education means strengthening participation — in political processes in Europe and in our communities.

Young European of the Year 2022

Anahita Neghabat

Anahita Neghabat from Austria is a social anthropologist and meme making political educator. In her work, she uses memes as a visual vocabulary, medium and tool for political commentary, reaching a broad and young audience of almost 24 thousand people on Instagram – speaking from an intersectional feminist, anti-racist and anti-authoritarian perspective.