Margot Friedländer and Inge Deutschkron become honorary citizens of Berlin

The Schwarzkopf Foundation is pleased that Margot Friedländer and Inge Deutschkron have been honored for their engagement with the honorary citizenship of Berlin.

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The winners of the Margot-Friedländer-Award 2018 a look back on the seminar days in Berlin

“[…] None of us has ever stood in front of so many people and received applause for his / her work. […] This journey will probably remain in our memories for a long time, if not forever. “

– Impressions of the seminar trip to Berlin of the students of the secondary school “An der Mulde” in Rochlitz, Saxony

From March 4 to 7, the ...

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Young European of the Year 2018: Madeleina Kay

The Schwarzkopf Foundation is proud to announce that British activist Madeleina Kay has been selected for the 2018 Young European of the Year Award. She was chosen out of dozens of nominations and five final in-person interviews for her fresh approach and unorthodox methods in conveying a pro-European perspective in her home country and beyond. Known on social media and in some British newspapers as #EUSuperGirl, Kay engages the public in a number of ways, including writing and performing songs with her guitar, collecting and distributing British letters to Europe, organizing campaigning events, and authoring a book showcasing the diversity of the European Union through the eyes of her dog, Alba White Wolf.

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Spring trainings for German peer-trainers of Understanding Europe

On the first weekends of March two spring training events for the Understanding Europe peer trainers took place in Bielefeld and Potsdam. The events, organised for the German peer-trainer teams from Berlin, BRandenburg, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony, focused on strengthening methodological skills and content-knowledge

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