"Born, raised and murdered in Germany" - Reading with Çetin Gültekin and Mutlu Koçak

We are very pleased to invite you to the reading „Born, raised and murdered in Germany“ online via Zoom on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, at 6 pm. Afterwards there will be a discussion with the reading authors Çetin Gültekin and Mutlu Koçak.

„My name is Gökhan Gültekin. For thirty-seven years, hardly anyone in this society was interested in my story. But now it’s time for everyone in this country to know about it. I have paid for this with my life. But my soul will live on.“
Quote from „Born, raised and murdered in Germany“

Racism kills: On February 19, 2020, an assassin murdered nine people in Hanau for racist motives. Gökhan Gültekin was one of them – one of those whom the racist perpetrator could not tolerate in „his“ country. Çetin Gültekin tells the touching story of his brother and shows: We are not „the others“, we are a part of German society.

Gökhan was born in Hanau in 1982 and his parents came from Turkey. Before the attack, he had already narrowly escaped death twice, had always fought his way back to life and never lost his positive nature. But on February 19, 2020, he did not survive. A nightmare begins for his relatives. The family is torn between grief and the fight for justice, as new failings on the part of the authorities keep coming to light.

Since then, Çetin Gültekin has campaigned to ensure that the victims and their stories are never forgotten – and has fought tirelessly against the deep-rooted racism in Germany.

Çetin Gültekin, born in 1974, an industrial mechanic by trade, was self-employed and managed a freight forwarding company until the racist terrorist attack on February 19, 2020. Born, raised and still living in Hanau, he became one of the well-known faces in the fight against racism and for education on behalf of his killed brother, but also for the other victims and bereaved families after the attack.

Mutlu Koçak, born in 1991, is a trained IT specialist, studied sociology and political science and works as a consultant for personnel marketing.In his spare time, he organizes social events and does voluntary work with young people, especially in the areas of education, music and sport.As a close friend, he is helping Çetin Gültekin to tell his brother’s story in a book.

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