Shrinking civic spaces in Europe – Perspectives from Georgia and beyond

The Parliament of Georgia, after initially passing the draft law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence” despite public opposition and international apprehension, ultimately decided to reject the law on March 10th following several days of protests by thousands of citizens in Tbilisi. The proposed bill had been widely criticised for restricting the work of civil society organisations and media outlets. In a letter addressed at the Georgian Parliament, the Commissioner for Human Rights Mijatović, Council of Europe, for instance, pointed out the concerning nature of the legislative initiative on freedom of association and of expression.

Whilst the rejection of the draft bill in Georgia is a strong demonstration of the power of collective action, shrinking civic spaces, in Georgia, Belarus and beyond, remain a threat to civil society organisations in Europe. During this online discussion we will thus address the following questions and more: What is the trend of shrinking civic spaces in Europe? How have shrinking civic spaces already affected the EYP network? How would the Foreign Agent Law have impacted EYP Georgia’s ability to operate as a National Committee of the EYP? Why are the recent events in Georgia relevant for other young Europeans? How can the broader international community support efforts of civil society organisations in Georgia and beyond oppose similar initiatives in the future?

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