Educational Briefing 2022 out now

The climate crisis terrifies young people all over Europe. Understanding Europe's 2022 Educational Briefing explores how citizenship education can tackle this major challenge of our times – featuring practical suggestions by academics, activists and network members.

The title “Understand – Communicate – Act: Climate Justice in European Citizenship Education” highlights the key subjects of the publication: climate knowledge, climate consciousness and climate action. How can we tackle these major tasks in everyday life? How can we strenghten self-efficacy and action instead of despair? And how can we develop comprehensive climate education that takes all of this into account?

In addition to academic and practical insights into climate communication, the publication focuses on reflections on climate justice. The  concept here not only encompasses the much-cited notion of intergenerational justice but also takes a look at global historical injustices.

The publication emphasises that climate education is not only about understanding the consequences of the climate crisis. It is about developing utopias for a good life in the future through democratic processes and communal experience.  This good life, however, cannot be a privileged life for Europeans but instead should be based on a just notion of togetherness and inter-connectedness.

We wish you a challenging and thought-provoking read!

Understand – Communicate – Act: Climate Justice in European Citizenship Education
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