Foundation signs position paper and petition in favour of an open Europe and a strong civil society

As part of our commitment to an open, united and democratic Europe, we as a foundation repeatedly join campaigns and activities of other civil society organisations and alliances that share this vision. This is also the case now with the signing of the position paper "Our Europe" as part of the European elections and the petition "Right now. For all." petition, which is aimed at the current budget debate.

Together with 80 other civil society organizations, we have signed the position paper „“Our Europe“.“ This paper calls for political measures at both national and EU level in order to increase social cohesion, participatory democratic structures, peace, and equality.

Additionally, we are part of the petition “Right Now. For Everyone.““ directed at German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. This petition addresses the looming threat of extensive cuts in the federal budget for civil society organizations.

We believe that both initiatives are particularly important given the rise of far-right parties in Germany and many other EU countries at the recent EU election. A strong civil society is an important pillar of democratic societies, strengthening active participation of its citizens and working against right-wing extremism and its ideologies.

You can find out more about the foundation’s mission statement here.