Awards & Travel Grants

The Schwarzkopf Foundation awards three awards every year: the Young European of the Year award, the Schwarzkopf Europe Award as well as the Margot Friedländer Award. In addition, the foundation issues betwen 40 and 50 travel grants for young people to explore Europe and research topics related to European identity and European integration.

  • Young European of the Year award

    Young European of the Year Award

    Young people between 18 and 26 actively shaping Europe

  • Schwarzkopf Europe Award

    Schwarzkopf Europe Award

    Institutions and public figures dedicated to bringing Europe closer to its citizens

  • Margot Friedländer Award

    Margot Friedländer Award

    Highlighting projects cthat aim at overcoming racism and Anti-Semitism

  • Travel grants

    Travel grants

    Supporting journeys of young people through Europe