Margot Friedländer Award

Since 2014, the Margot Friedländer Award has called on young people from Germany to engage with issues pertaining to the Holocaust – its witnessing, experiencing and lines of historical continuity – through interactive projects. The aim of the award is to support young people in standing up against today’s forms of anti-Semitism, racism, antiziganism and exclusion for a pluralistic migration society.

Named after the contemporary witness and Holocaust survivor Margot Friedländer, the award keeps the memory of the crimes of National Socialism alive for younger generations. The Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe contributes prize money and educational support for innovative project ideas.

“What is this award for? It is not for a success in sports or a good essay that you have written. It is rather a recognition of something infinitely important – for your human commitment. Speak your mind! Be vigilant! Be human!”

Margot Friedländer
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The award ceremony in September 2021

Awardees of the Margot Friedländer Award 2022

  • „One class – many fates“Franz-Ludwig-Gymnasium Bamberg
  • „From „Rukeli“ Trollmann via Arnold Fortuin to us – Sinti in Illingen“Kerpenschule Illingen – Förderschule mit dem Förderschwerpunkt Lernen
  • „Encounters  jewish life in Kiel – A historical city tour to explore jewish lifeworlds between emancipation, persecution and revival after World War II“RBZ Wirtschaft . Kiel
  • „Jewish life in Höchst im Odenwald: Creating awareness – lasting and contemporary“ – Ernst-Göbel-Schule

Awardees of the Ralf Bendheim Award 2022

  • „Of mice and cats – anti-semitism in and around Waldbröl“Gesamtschule Waldbröl

2014-2021 Awardees

  • 2021: The Johann-Conrad-Schlaun Vocational College in Warburg is awarded the prize for the "Unforgotten Podcast".

  • 2021: The award is presented to the Humboldt School in Leipzig for its project "Traces in the Cityscape - Persecution and Expropriation of Jewish Leipzigers."

  • 2021: The prize is awarded to SBH-Südost GmbH in Halle for its "Diary of Feelings" project.

  • 2020: The award goes to the Freie Schule Anhalt in Köthen-Sachsen Anhalt for the project “Paths of Remembrance - Traces of Jewish Life in Köthen”.

  • 2020: The prize is awarded to the Elly-Heuss-Knapp-Realschule in Cologne for the project “Picture books against forgetting”.

  • 2020: The prize is awarded to the Gymnasium Süderelbe in Neugraben, Hamburg, for the project “Remembering the 500 imprisoned Jewish women of the concentration camp Neugraben”.

  • 2020: A recognition prize was awarded to the Kurfürst Joachim Friedrich Gymnasium Wolmirstedt in Saxony-Anhalt for the project “The Stranded Train" - Fates to be Remembered”.

  • 2019: The award goes to the project “Paths of Remembrance in the Municipality of Nohfelden” by the Stolperstein-AG of the Gemeinschaftsschule Nohfelden, Saarland.

  • 2019: The award goes to the project “Getting Stones Rolling” at the Martin Buber Schule in Giessen.

  • 2019: The exhibition project “Expulsions into exile - the first expatriation list of the National Socialists from August 1933” of the Heinrich Böll Schule Hattersheim was awarded.

  • 2018: The award goes to the app-project “Only together can we remember - encounter - respect” of the Joseph-Carlebach-Stadtteilschule from Hamburg.

  • 2018: Award goes to the research project “The Sinti in Braunschweig, yesterday, today and tomorrow” of the Nibelungen-Realschule Braunschweig, Lower Saxony.

  • 2018: The award goes to the themed issue of the students' newspaper “NEVER AGAIN! - Nie wieder!” of the secondary school "An der Mulde" in Rochlitz, Saxony.

  • 2017: The “Moving Sculptures” project by pupils of the Carl-Bosch-Oberschule Berlin was awarded a prize.

  • 2017: Award for the project “Sog nit kejnmol” by pupils of the Gottfried-Keller-Gymnasium in Berlin.

  • 2016: The “Archive-AG” project by pupils of the Hermann-Ehlers-Gymnasium in Berlin is awarded a prize.

  • 2016: Award goes to the hip hop project “Human Family” of the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium Berlin.

  • 2016: The “Memorial to Jewish Citizens” project of the Löcknitz Primary School in Berlin is awarded a prize.

  • 2015: Award for the app-project of the State Ballet School Berlin and School of Artistry.