Handout: Material for Application of Online-calendar “Projekt1938”

How was the life for Jewish people in Germany 1938? The handouts give you youth-compatible, pedagogical help for educational purposes.

By using material from own archives and numerous partner institutions, the Leo Baeck Institute – New York| Berlin 2018 published an online-calender with 365 personal stories of jewish victims in Germany and Austria from 1938 in the framework of the 1938Projekt (1938projekt.org) – one for each corresponding day in the year 1938. In addition to the existing online infrastructure, the 1938Projekt provides the opportunity to enhance publicity for youth-compatible and youth-designed materials.

The Schwarzkopf Foundation advised the Leo Baeck Institute in youth-participating work and supported the awardees of the Margot-Friedländer-Prize and the Young Jury to translate their competencies for young peers. In Novemer 2018, we and the Young Jury of the Margot-Friedländer-Prize were able to try and develop pedagogical material for youth-compatible usage of the online-calendar of the Project1938.

You can find the resulting work material and further information in German and English here.

Handout Deutsch
PDF — 5 MB
Handout Englisch
PDF — 5 MB