Workshop “First European Moment”

This workshop by Elena Popescu aims to teach young people how to create a social media campaign on topics related to Europe. It is meant to help the participants experience their first European Moment in the digital world.

Elena Popescu, Author

© El Boum

What is this workshop about?

The workshop teaches the young generations how to use digital tools to create content for social good. It creates a context for our participants to present their perspective about how they understand their rights as European citizens and about the future of Europe they want to experience.


First, participants discuss and reflect on the importance of Europe in their daily lives in order to create and invent a story about a European Emoji. These stories later serve as descriptions for their target groups. In the second step, the students will create a social media campaign following 4 steps. At the end, they reflect as a group about the steps of creating a social media campaign and how it can promote the importance of Europe in their daily lives.

Duration: 90 minutes

Format: digital & on site

Target group: young people aged 13 to 16

About the material

The workshop was developed as part of our Digital Europe Fellowship in cooperation with the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft. All  materials are accessible as an Open Educational Resource.

The author and we as Understanding Europe would like to encourage teachers, young educators and educational multipliers to use it for their work.

Workshop Manual
PDF — 2 MB
Toolkit: Templates for all workshop modules
PDF — 983 KB