City of the future - how is housing changing in Europe?

The trend towards urbanisation continues to grow in Europe: already in 2009, half of the people lived in cities and by 2050 it is expected to be 70-75 %. Optimistic future scenarios paint a picture of the city of the future as green and connected. In the city of the future, there is environmentally friendly mobility and everything is easily accessible without a car. The city is low-noise, green, compact and mixed.

However, almost all cities in Europe are still far from this image. For many citizens, it is already difficult to find affordable housing at all. We want to discuss together which snapshot and future vision of the city Klara Geywitz sketches.

Why has it been decided to establish a separate Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Construction for the first time in Germany since 2021 and what are its tasks? How are cities and thus housing changing in Europe? How will policy-makers in Germany secure affordable housing in the coming years? Are there overarching EU policy measures for urban development? How can urban development and building be made sustainable? What can citizen participation in urban development look like? We would like to discuss these and other questions with you and Minister Klara Geywitz.

We look forward to your participation. We ask for binding registration by 9.12.2022.