Young and in the Bundestag - a new generation in the parliament

We are pleased to invite you to a discussion on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, with the young representatives Catarina dos Santos-Wintz (CDU), Emily Vontz (SPD), Philipp Hartewig (FDP), and TBA (Büdnis 90/die Grünen) at the Reinhardtstraßen-Höfe, room 1, Reinhardtstraße 12, 10117 Berlin.

With an average age of around 47 years, the German Bundestag is as young as it has been in decades. 30 percent of the members are under 40 years old. In comparison, in 2017, only 15 percent were this young. The number of members under 30 has also significantly increased; in 2017, there were only 12 parliamentarians in this age group. At the beginning of the current legislative period, there were 50 members under 30. With the multitude of new young members, a new generation has entered the Bundestag, which now must handle its new power and responsibility. At the same time, the question arises of how the greater number of young members in the German Bundestag can change politics and how older members react to their new young colleagues, who are sometimes criticized for being young and inexperienced. However, the perspectives of young people represent an important viewpoint in political debates, which was underrepresented in the Bundestag in previous years.

We are very pleased to welcome on October 18 at 6 p.m.Catarina dos Santos-Wintz (CDU), Emily Vontz (SPD), Philipp Hartewig (FDP), and TBA (Grüne), young members from different parties. Together with our guests and you, we would like to discuss the following and other questions: What issues are particularly important to young members of parliament? How much of it can they actually implement in parliament? Has your view of politics changed since you’ve been in the Bundestag? What advantages can the perspective of young parliamentarians bring to political debates? How are young members perceived in parliament? To what extent can the prioritization in the Bundestag change due to a younger composition?

We look forward to your participation. We kindly request a binding registration by October 17, 2023, either online or by email.

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