Call for Applications: Become a Young Europe Ambassador!

We are looking for influencers & content creators interested in political topics, digital education, democracy, and social participation to become “Young Europe Ambassadors.” The Ambassadors will support us in reaching out to young people throughout Europe with informative, discrimination-critical and engaging content.

At a time when we are witnessing a further rise in anti-Semitism, racism and other forms of discrimination as well as the spread of fake news on TikTok, Instagram and other platforms, we want to strengthen our commitment to an open, inclusive and democratic society. That is why we are currently looking for influencers who are interested in various political topics, digital education, democracy and social participation for young people – or who want to start working on these issues now!

We are facing a year of important elections in Germany and Europe, in which the opinions of young people also matter. We are convinced that young people can strengthen social cohesion. However, they often feel that their interests and opinions do not play a role, that their voice is not heard and that they cannot make a difference. Maybe they also don’t have the necessary skills to get involved and be informed. That’s what we want to change with your help: As a person who knows what moves young people, we want to invite you to become a “Young Europe Ambassador”.

As an ambassador for our foundation, you play a key role in raising young people’s awareness of political or social issues and in inspiring them to take action themselves. You will also campaign against fake news and ensure that young people learn more about the dangers of false or biased information and how they can protect themselves from it. By doing so, you will support us in our vision of a Europe of openness, solidarity and democracy that is co-created by young people.

For participants, we offer networking opportunities, invitations to events, remuneration depending on the cooperation and a certificate of commitment to a charitable organization. More information on this and the opportunities for participation can be found in the call for applications.

If you are interested to join the programme, send us an e-mail with your CV, links to your channels and some brief sentences on your motivation.