EYP continues to support young people in Ukraine

With the Rebuild Ukraine Lab and the Ukraine Travel Support Fund, the European Youth Parliament (EYP) creates new opportunities to support young volunteers in Ukraine and to jointly develop ideas for sustainable economic and social reconstruction.

Rebuild Ukraine Lab

During this three-day event, members of the EYP will meet to jointly come up with innovative ideas on how to revitalise the economic and social life of Ukraine, while striving for climate neutrality and a sustainable energy transition across the region.

The event will kickstart the “Climate Youth Action Plan” project in January 2023. Applications for participation can be submitted now, but are only open to EYP members.

Ukraine Travel Support Fund

In light of the Russian-Ukrainian war which left many young Ukrainians fearing for their future and lives, we seek to continue creating and providing opportunities and secure long-term financial assistance to Ukrainian volunteers.

As part of the “Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces” project, we have thus started a travel fund with the help of EYP Ukraine, for Ukrainian high school and university students’ participation in EYP events, together with other young Europeans. More information can be found here.

You can now contribute to the fund through our betterplace.org platform.