Online campaign launched: for an inclusive and post-migrant Europe

In the recently launched digital campaign of the Narrative Change Academy, young people are standing against polarizing, racist, and Islamophobic attitudes and narratives by sharing their own stories.

Since May 2023, two fellows and 12 young ambassadors from France, the United Kingdom, and Germany, have developed a digital campaign as part of the Narrative Change Academy of the Young Islam Conference. In collaboration with experts, valuable skills in strategic communication, especially in digital campaign work, have been conveyed to the participants. Equipped with this knowledge and building on the results of four joint workshop weekends, they are now telling their stories and actively advocating for our vision of an open, post-migrant, and anti-racist society.

The project responds to political polarisation, the spread of misinformation, and discriminatory discourses that endanger social cohesion in Europe. In a time when many are seeking more mutual support and solidarity, personal stories can have the power to create connections. You can follow the campaign on @unbox_stories and find out what happens when people open up, feel heard, taken seriously, and accepted!

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More information about the narrative change approach and the Academy's programme can be found here: