Competence Network “Living Together in Migration Societies”

Within the framework of the Competence Network “Living Together in Migration Societies”, the Schwarzkopf Foundation is committed to promoting young people’s political participation, regardless of their nationalities

The Competence Network offers counselling, training and dialogue sessions for educators, volunteers and multipliers from the field of child and youth welfare in the context of pluralism and difference. The aim is for these actors to then be able to support young people from different backgrounds in making their voices heard as active citizens of a pluralistic, inclusive and democratic migration society.

Facts & Figures

  • The Competence Network sees itself as an association of those who want to promote and shape an open migration society.
  • As such, the Competence Network aims to support inclusive self-understanding, as well as enable equal participation and representation.
  • 5 Partnerorganisations, 1 instagram-channel, 1 publication on diversityoriented media education

What we offer

  • Dialogue forums: With our Young Islam Conference (JIK) Talks, the young network can discuss coexistence in a migration society with members of the public.
  • Educational programmes: The Young Islam Conference offers young people – with or without Muslim backgrounds – to take part in educational trainings, including a Summer Academy and a Media Academy, and become multipliers themselves.
  • Information channels: Through our Instagram channel “Beyond a single story” and with our publications and conferences, we provide information to those in the field of child and youth welfare field on diversity-sensitive educational methods.
  • Networking and counselling: With our “Ohr-vor-Ort” formats and through our Europe-wide young networks, we promote exchanges and provide counselling on diversity-oriented peer education.
  • Youth participation: With the Margot Friedländer Award and the Young Jury of the Margot Friedländer Prize, we support young people in the complexities of dealing with historical and current forms of antisemitism, racism and exclusion.
Instagram channel

Beyond a Single Story

The Instagram channel “Beyond a Single Story” sensitises multipliers in child and youth welfare on the living environments of people with immigration backgrounds and serves as a platform for diversity-oriented information and exchange.

Partner organisations

Together with five other organisations, the Schwarzkopf Foundation is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) as part of the competence network under the federal programme „Live Democracy!“ In the coming funding years, the competence network will work to positively shape social coexistence through an inclusive self-image as a migration society and the promotion of equal participation and representation.


  • Nadine Golly

    Programme Lead Education & Travel / Co-Lead “Competence Network Living Together in Migration Societies”

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