EYP Governing Body

Der Governing Body (GB) ist das internationale Gremium des European Youth Parliament (EYP), das die Interessen des gesamten Netzwerks vertritt. Er ist hauptsächlich für die strategische Entwicklung des EYP und die Förderung der Arbeit der Organisation auf internationaler Ebene verantwortlich. In Zusammenarbeit mit den nationalen Komitees und den Mitgliedern der Organisation legt es Richtlinien fest, die die Qualität und Sicherheit der Aktivitäten des EYP gewährleisten, und überwacht die drei jährlichen internationalen Tagungen.

Das GB setzt sich aus sechs gewählten Mitgliedern zusammen, von denen vier von den nationalen Komitees und zwei von den EYP-Mitgliedern gewählt werden. Ein*e Vertreter*in der Schwarzkopf-Stiftung ist ebenfalls Mitglied des GB. Die Leitung des EYP nimmt an jeder Sitzung teil.

Die Mitglieder des Leitungsgremiums im Jahr 2022 sind: Lira Mikayelyan (Armenien), Janis Fifka (Deutschland), Güneş Uğuz (Türkei), Annelou Snippe (Niederlanden), Milica Mijatović (Serbien), Jarne van der Poel (Niederlanden), Tomáš Sacher (Geschäftsführer, Schwarzkopf-Stiftung), Pauline Chetail (Geschäftsführerin EYP)

Wer wir sind

  • Lira Mikayelyan (AM)

    I am delighted to join the Governing Body and contribute to the continuous development of the Network which so many young individuals call a life-changing experience. It is my greatest honour to put my experience and dedication into shaping the organisation which supports the efforts of young Europeans to become active citizens, develop personally and professionally as well as be inspired by diversity.
  • Janis Fifka (DE)

    Being a member of the Governing Body allows me to learn a lot about organisational development and contribute to the processes that combine creative problem-solving, innovative approaches and meeting the needs of everyone in our network. To shape the EYP, in which I myself have grown for a decade now, is really something extraordinary.
  • Güneş Uğuz (TR)

    EYP always offers new opportunities for everyone to discover the world around us, develop and empower themselves to create a positive impact. Being a part of the Governing Body is a truly inspiring chance to work with the young people all around the EYP network, widen and improve our organisation. I am enthusiastic about contributing to the network by forming stronger bonds and enhancing the cooperation between the members, alumni and National Committees.
  • Rufat Mir Feyzullazadeh (AZ)

    As a Governing Body member of EYP, I am privileged to be part of a unique platform that impacts the lives of thousands of young people from across Europe. Through my role, I have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to this process. I firmly believe that together, we can cultivate a stronger and more accessible organization for the youth of Europe.
  • Milica Mijatović (RS)

    I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to help shape this wonderful Organisation. As a Governing Body Member, I aim to help young people all over Europe claim their spot in this grand mosaic of changes, opportunities, and projects. I am happy to support young changemakers and represent EYP values.
  • Linda Vaher (EST)

    It is an honour for me to contribute and give back to the Network with the skills I have acquired from participating in different projects throughout the years. As a member of the Governing Body, I look forward to helping young Europeans further develop our organisation and shape the future of Young Europe.
  • Tomáš Sacher

    Geschäftsführer Schwarzkopf-Stiftung
  • Ayna Suprunenko

    Kommissarischer Geschäftsführerin EYP