Price giving ceremony for Neal MacGregor


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Aktion Zukunft: Students acquire skills for active citizenship

Projekt Aktion Zukunft zur Förderung der Etablierung von Initiativen im Bereich der Integration von Geflüchteten vom Verein Schüler Treffen Flüchtlinge e.V. am Freitag (02.12.2016) in Berlin.
Foto: Stefanie Loos/ Schwarzkopf-Stiftung

Students of the association “Schüler treffen Flüchtlinge e.V.” have, in cooperation with the Schwarzkopf Foundation, hosted the seminar “Aktion Zukunft“. It serves as a starting point for several forms of participation in European asylum politics. 30 students from all over Germany joined the seminar and used the four days to discuss potentials in their respective communities: Which problems exist, for example, in the accommodation of asylum seekers and which difficulties does active citizenship in this field have to overcome?

Together with trainers of the Schwarzkopf Foundation as well as experts of initiatives such as Querstadtein, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen, Start with a Friend, the participants developed concrete strategies for their projects...

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Neil MacGregor – An Interview

PK 02.11 (13)

The Schwarzkopf Europe Award was given to Neil Macgregor for his outstanding dedication to the European self-conception. The exceptional historian manages to unite cultural visions of the past, present and future in an extraordinary way. As an academic person he won’t remain in the alleged ivory tower of academia but co...

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Students develop ideas for participation

Beteiligungsdialog der Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa am 15.11.2016

Aktionsveranstaltung „Wie kann ich als Schüler*in europäische Flüchtlingspolitik mitgestalten?“ im Helmholtz-Gymnasium in Potsdam.
Foto: Stefanie Loos/ Schwarzkopf-Stiftung

60 students of the Helmholtz school in Potsdam developed concrete ideas for participation in the context of European asylum politics. The ideas ranged from founding a working group at school to producing a range of t-shirts and starting to lobby local and regional politicians. The process was facilitated by the Schwarzkopf Foundation’s peer trainers.


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